1. UnknownEric is just a spudboy, looking for a quantum tomato. says

    Fighting against the ineffectual supervillains The Legion of Slyme!

  2. Claire Ramsey says



    Every super hero in good standing has a sidekick! You will need to begin thinking of one. The loyal Dr. Sugarcane making discoveries in her lab? Pineapple’s devoted horse, Popsicle? Pineapple’s loyal back-up team, Las Guavas?

    The Masked Pineapple is excellent!!

  3. says

    #5 Oh sweet tits of the FSM, I must make Mangina and Pussy whippet now xD
    This is going to end with me making a whole cast of super heroes isn’t it?

  4. says

    @DearAnia #7 – I would love to see the whole FTB crew turned into superhero/as. The League of Freethought Bloggers, fighters for Truth, Justice and the Secular Way!

  5. Anthony K says

    I want to be one of the whippits.

    (Note: whippit, not whippet.)

    Mostly cylindrical, filled with gas, and makes you laugh. That’s me.

  6. says

    Now I’m wishing I had been more vocal in the comments! Because I want to be one of the Masked Pineapple’s minions too! Maybe you could draw the rest of us as an anonymous horde — fruit-flavored flying monkeys or something.

  7. athyco says

    Mostly cylindrical, filled with gas, and makes you laugh. That’s me.

    In that case, I need to stop procrastinating and get in line! I’ve been told that whippits also make my voice sound like Tallulah Bankhead addressing the Junior League, and I could use more of that in my life.

  8. jmb says

    Pussy whippets would be the most chibi magical pets in the universe, half puppy, half kitten, with super speed and the ability to turn the toughest supervillain into baby-talking wibbly mush with the power of sheer cute!

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