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Catching up on the news about Savita Halappanavar…

They’ve noticed that what happened to her probably happens to other women. (Ya think?)

The Health Information and Quality Authority may have to establish a further investigation into how pregnant women who are getting increasingly ill are cared for in Irish hospitals, following its inquiry into the death of Savita Halappanavar.

The authority, which this afternoon published the terms of reference for its investigation into the death of the 31 year-old pregnant woman at Galway University Hospital last month, said if it emerged that there may be “serious risks” to any other woman in a similar situation in the future, it may recommend “further investigation or ..a new [one] “.

Quite. It would be very odd if Savita Halappanavar were the only woman this had ever happened to in all of Irish history. Why would she be singled out? She can’t even be the only non-Irish or non-Catholic woman this has ever happened to.

I’m detecting a pattern here. Is that because I evolved to shop, or something? It seems to me I’ve heard something about that lately.

The HSE asked Hiqa to begin an investigation into the death in addition to its own inquiry.

The Hiqa investigation will be into “the safety, quality and standards of services provided by the HSE to patients, including pregnant women at risk of clinical deterioration and as reflected in the care and treatment provided to Savita Halappanavar”.

It will review the safety and quality of care provided at the Galway hospital to deteriorating patients, including pregnant women and including the diagnosis and management of sepsis.

The authority will also review the arrangements in place to ensure safe services including promptly identifying, reporting and managing clinically deteriorating patients.

Parveen Halappanavar is not interested. He’s going to the European Court of Human Rights to get a better inquiry set up.

He had set close of business yesterday as the deadline for the Government to institute a sworn, public inquiry into his 31-year-old wife’s death at Galway University Hospital on October 28th.

Not a furtive, private inquiry, but a sworn, public one.

He had had an acknowledgment from the office of the Minister for Health, James Reilly, to his letter sent on Monday calling for a public inquiry. “They said they were ‘looking at’ the request.”

Mr Halappanavar has said the two inquiries established into his wife’s death did not satisfy him or her family.

The first was established by the HSE while a second has been established by the Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa). Both will be held in private.

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  1. bobo says

    Good! It would appear that the irish government wants to sweep this under the rug – assholes!

  2. crowepps says

    The pattern I’m detecting is that when people have the nerve to take their case to the international press, and refuse to be satisfied with ‘private inquiries’ and hushing everything up, the public is outraged to find out about all sorts of stuff that continued to flourish in secrecy for years and years.

  3. bobo says

    #2 crowepps, you post over at RH reality check don’t you?

    You guys get some real misogynist assholes over there, I must say. I felt like punching that Irish Eddie guy or whatever – he seemed to think that abortion wouldn’t be needed if only people got married!!

  4. Rodney Nelson says

    he seemed to think that abortion wouldn’t be needed if only people got married!!

    Savita Halappanavar was married.

  5. bobo says

    Rodney, I never said he was smart, did I 😛

    “Irish Eddie” also stated that with marriage, there would be no need for contraception!

  6. Rodney Nelson says

    My mental picture of Irish Eddie is a naive, virginal 16 year old. Even if he’s not, he should be. Certainly he’s never been married.

  7. bobo says

    Aw, was just reading RH reality check and found it!


    “But ultimately, the real goal is to make sex sacred again. We have made it a play toy, a contact sport in which women are always the victims and men get to walk away scot free any time they wish. Abortion is not the answer to these problems. Respect of women, love of life, charity, and care for one another is the beginning of a culture of life.”

    The comment thread has grown since I last read it – RH gets its fair share of lifesite nutters!

  8. crowepps says

    Yes, I do post there. And we do indeed get the whackaloons and ProLife fanatics. But in the long run it seems worth putting up with them because a lot of people come there to get unbiased, accurate information, so it’s a handy place to refute their myths and spread the word.


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