Come back a different person

So clearly the guilty verdict on Nechemya Weberman, unlicensed “therapist” to rebellious young girls, presents a problem for people who need to control rebellious young girls. What to do, what to do. Export them!

Embarrassed by the sex abuse trial of a Hasidic counselor, leaders of Williamsburg’s pious Satmar sect are considering a different way to deal with rebellious teens: shipping them out of the country for treatment.

For “treatment”? Rebellion isn’t an illness.

Without addressing the allegations against Weberman, a Satmar official told the Daily News that leaders are considering ways to avoid similar accusations by victims.

“This was a wakeup call; nobody denies that,” said Gary Schlesinger, who heads a nonprofit tied to Satmar leader Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum.

“Maybe we will send them to an Israeli program or a European program, and the kid will come back a different person.”

A different, non-rebellious, submissive, compliant, obedient, conformist person. Not an autonomous, thinking, choosing, deciding person who gets to shape her own life according to her own hopes and plans. That’s what “kids” are for: to be robotic clones of their elders.




  1. says

    “Every single Jewish family is talking about this case. The grand rabbi (Teitelbaum) couldn’t even ignore it,” said real estate developer Joel Neuwirth, 22. “He had to address the issue.”

    The rebbe did just that last week — and blamed the victim.

    “A Jewish daughter has descended so low,” said Teitelbaum, according to a translation published by the Jewish blog, “There hasn’t been such a disgusting saga in (the history of religious) Jewry.”

    I am seething.

  2. davidct says

    Was not a frontal lobotomy once used for this sort of behavior change. Of course the parents should try it first to see if they like it. After that their children’s behavior will not bother them any more and the kids can grow up.

  3. eric says

    The whole stepford wives thing is not what gets me. This is what gets me (my bold):

    a Satmar official told the Daily News that leaders are considering ways to avoid similar accusations by victims.

    They are shipping their kids overseas because they want to avoid accusations by victims. Get that? They don’t want their kids in a system where the kid can legally complain about being sexually abused. Holy frakking christ on a pogo stick, how evil is that?

  4. Rodney Nelson says

    SC #2

    The rebbe did just that last week — and blamed the victim.

    Of course he’d do that. Weberman is an adult male, the victim is a teenage girl and not a virgin. Which one is more important to the community?

  5. No Light says

    The NY legal system really needs to change how it deals with Satmar, Lubavitch, Skver etc. So many men are treating these communities, and the children therein, as an all-you-can-eat buffet, all thanks to the DA being cowed into handing child rapists over to the Rebbes, and over to pathetic cover-up groups like Ohel.

    No other group, religious or otherwise, would be allowed to say “Tell you what – don’t arrest him and try him, we’ll get him to do teshuva (repent) and monitor him”.

    There needs to be regulation of the school system, a dedicated system of child safety monitoring and an ‘at risk’ register, and rounding up of every man who’s abused children and escaped justice.

    Religion is not an excuse for raping children, keeping them ignorant and afraid, and treating them like pawns.

  6. iknklast says

    I didn’t realize that Stepford was in a third-world country that lacked basic human rights protections.

    No, Stepford was in a suburban community that lacked basic human rights protections. Sort of like in this case.

    I fail to see what it matters whether you’re in a first world or a third world country if you are treated as though you have no say in the matter. Stepford wives were treated like property, and the husband got to make a decision to have his wife “fixed” to be a “good little woman”. Third world not needed.

    OT: I can’t find a place here to log in, but it won’t let me post unless I log in. I had to go back to Pharyngula to log in. Am I missing something?

  7. says

    @11, iknklast —

    It’s hard to find now, but the login links are now present at the verrrry bottom of the right column, below the donation links and event logos.

  8. Hamilton Jacobi says

    Now why didn’t the Vatican think of this? Then all those priests wouldn’t have to move around so much.

  9. Corvus illustris says

    No Light@10 and Hamilton Jacobi@13:

    “No other group, religious or otherwise, would be allowed to say ‘Tell you what – don’t arrest him and try him, we’ll get him to do teshuva (repent) and monitor him’.”

    Surely you jest. With a good Catholic cop it wouldn’t even have gotten as far as the station house. let alone to the DA.: “Mr XXX, do you know what kind of lies your son here told me about Monsignor Y? That poor, saintly man, who married us at St. Euphoria’s, and to be slandered like that. (etc.,etc.)”

  10. No Light says

    Corvus – I’m well aware of the RCC cover-up, but this is deeper end far more insidious.

    I’m also not aware of Catholic cclergy burning victims’ houses down, not allowing children to learn english (or whatever the language of their country), or not allowing children to know the names of their body parts. Ever met a 30 year old mother of 12 who didn’t know what a vagina was, or what ‘sex’ is? Can’t report a sex vrime if you don’t know what that means.

    This isn’t just Rabbis, like priests in the RCC. This is teachers, camp counsellors, neighbours, men at the mikveh, the ‘candy man’ at Shul,. bar mitzvah tutors, family members,. everyone. Never brought to justice, not even moved on or taken to task. Victims’ of the Church did not have masked men in black breaking into their bedrooms while they slept, to go through their underwear, or take phones or iPods.

    Just as with metzitzah b’peh, state cowardice is killing people. They know that any legal action means rioting hassids, cries of ‘Bilbul!” (blood libel), and the attention of the ADL.

  11. No Light says

    Oh shit, it’s Rav Rosenberg. They’ve attacked him before, and in the last few weeks the Satmar hate machine had made a lot of threats toward him.

    Sick, evil bastards, twisted in hatred by their fucking mediaeval bullshit beliefs. Raped girls are kurvehs and zonas (whores), people who try to help them are apikorsim (heretics) and mosrim (grassers), and child rapists are ehrliche yidden (righteous jews) and tzaddikim (saints).

    The comments under that article, disgraceful as they are, are perfect. Why? They illustrate exactly what I’ve talked about.

    I hope scumbag Weberman’s victim is safe.

    Hmm. Dirigible never did show up to apologise for calling me an insane anti-semite for saying what the Satmar believe.

  12. latsot says

    “Maybe […] the kid will come back a different person.”

    I’m going to nominate this as about the most sinister thing I’ve ever read.

  13. davidhart says

    I do love the fact that the Hebrew word for ‘apostate’ is derived from ‘Epicurus’, i.e. someone who developed a humanistic philosophy based on having concern for each other, and not for what any gods might want. It rather reveals the priorities of those who apply it as an insult.

  14. No Light says

    David – telling, isn’t it?

    There’s currently an enormous effort to ban the internet. Parents have to sign forms before their child is admitted to (very expensive) school, stating that they do not use the internet or have a TV.

    Smart phones terrify the leadership. Tiny little pocket internets, letting outside knowledge in, and Jews out.

    They can be easily hidden during searches, used anonymously, and can break down walls. There are frequent smartphone burning sermons, as the rabbonim try in vain to keep their flock ignorant and dependent. In Israel they’re forced to use ‘kosher phones’, with no text or internet capabilities.

    For anyone interested, features essays from ex-Hassidim. You might be surprised at just how trapped people are.

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