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    An absurdly trivial item. But I’m sort of amazed by people who think they can do the junior high thing endlessly and then just go on as if it made no difference.

  2. says

    Thanks Ophelia! And you’re not hopeless!

    Not entirely, anyways…




    Fascinating stuff. Love how some people never grow out of grade school…

  3. No Light says

    ^A wild ableist appears!^

    As for Renee, she’s just trying to save the world from “feminist bs”, so that her son doesn’t feel bad about his privilege.

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    You must be a pal of hers, I’m blocked… Strangely I’ve seen from #FTBullies that she has addressed me however… Surely that comes under FREEZE PEACH! Where’s my right of reply 😉

    [Renee: I’m joking, please don’t unblock me as I’d have to block you and then I’d look a hypocrite]

  5. says

    You even have your own hashtag? My, you must be famous!

    ^This. Ah, the pleasures of fame…

    (Gets dreamy look.)


    I bet they won’t publish this comment on their blog
    I bet you they won’t play this new bleep comment
    It’s not that it’s buzz or beep beep dangerously insightful
    Honestly, it’s more dingingly pointlessly banal ‘n abusive

    You can’t say honk on this blog
    Or shot or twang or blargh
    You can’t even call the proprietress a silly sound effect
    Even if you say doing so gives you a huge, stiff boing

    So I bet they won’t publish this comment on their blog
    I bet you they daren’t well scatching mark it approved
    I bet you those ch’chinging old losers
    Will just shrug and delete the load of horse raspberry

  6. Lori Peddle says

    so that her son doesn’t feel bad about his privilege.???? WOW No Light does this mean my child must be PRIVILEGED because he is male??? PLEASE
    Both male and female children should be as it is our JOBS to KEEP them SAFE regardless to what is between their legs. I teach my kids to be the best person they can be, not the best female or male. We need to put an end to gender pointing and work together to teach kids ANYONE can strive to be what they want to be regardless of sex, colour etc. If we don’t teach them this, then guess what the whole male is better or the whole female is better bashing circle will never end.
    So why not help end it rather then helping it stay afloat. I am not bashing you by far but come on people be a part of the solution not part of the problem!!!

  7. No Light says

    Croutons for your word salad Lori?

    I can’t be arsed to pick through your tired word vomit, so just two things:

    1. Men and boys have privilege over girls and women, white people are more privileged than POC, able-bodied people over PWD, straight people over LGB people, cis people over trans people, neurotypicals over non-neurotypical and PWMI, binary-presenting over non-binary, rich over poor, urban over rural, etc. Think I covered pretty much everything. There’s class privilege, educational privilege, and so on.

    Look up ‘kyriarchy’ and ‘intersectionality’.

    If your son is in any of the privileged groups I mentioned, then lucky him. Denying privilege leads nowhere, so no, I will not elide differences and keep sweet so that the majority-group members aren’t made uncomfortable.

    2. Gender is not about what is “between the legs”. Assigned sex? Yep. Gender? That’s internal.

  8. Lori Peddle says

    Tired word vomit because I believe male and females should equally be thought of as HUMANS period and both have the right to be treated as such! WOW!!

    I think I will stick to my motto on hate the action of some not because of sex or race but because of what they did.

    I am done I am not going to argue with someone because they think the world has given them some disservice all because they are a female. YOU make your life what it is not anyone else, the world has evolved, try evolving with it. The cycle stops with us as we pass it to our children, teach tolerance not hate.

    If we don’t teach our children to look at each other as a PERSON rather then male female then who will?? If we teach our children anything else then look out world help us all!!

  9. bobo says

    Yeah lori, and if we ask nicely, we can simply stop people from seeing black or white, right?

    ‘hey guys, stop being racist’

    ‘ok cool, np’

  10. F [disappearing] says

    If we don’t teach our children to look at each other as a PERSON rather then male female then who will??

    You know, that’s what feminists are trying to do. You keep denying reality, so you really won’t be able to teach anyone any such thing.

  11. No Light says

    YOU make your life what it is not anyone else,

    Wait, what? All prejudice and discrimination has been wiped out, you say?

    Oh WOW, it’s a Festivus miracle! No more will my poverty-stricken, severely disabled, sparkledyke self have to suffer from classism, ableism, misogyny or homophobia. The playing field has finally levelled thanks to Lori’s “La la la I don’t see sex or race and stuff” attitude.

    So by Monday I’ll be a happily married CEO. Can’t wait. What to wear for my now-apparently-legal gay wedding… the white or the purple?

    Oh Lori… just, no. I don’t think I’ve been done a disservice by being a female woman, but I have been done injustice by people like you, blithely insisting that because you desperately want to believe that everyone is equal, that civil rights for all are a done deal.

    Next you’ll presumably be insisting that POTUS Obama is proof that racism is a thing of the past.


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