Chris Rodda has accepted the challenge

Chris Rodda wants it known far and wide that she accepted a challenge from David Barton’s radio co-host to show specifics of where David Barton tells untruths in his book The Jefferson Lies. You have your mission.

Chris knows what she’s talking about. She does the time-consuming work of following up Barton’s references.

Get the word out!


  1. Pteryxx says

    jaxkayaker on Rodda’s post has a great idea – tweet or otherwise contact the Daily Show and suggest Rodda as a guest.

  2. Ken Pidcock says

    Oh, come on. Barton has been kicked to the curb by his former allies. What’s left to see?

  3. hypatiasdaughter says

    I urge everyone who wants info to combat the religious right’s historical lies to gets Chris Rodda’s book “Liars for Jesus”. It has the most thorough and meticulous take down of Barton’s B.S.

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