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More Steve Moxon.

The Guardian’s Northern Blog on why even UKIP didn’t want him.

Moxon’s opinions have now cost him his place as UKIP’s candidate in Sheffield‘s local elections, where he is standing for the Dore and Totley ward, a Liberal Democrat stronghold in Nick Clegg’s constituency. The party has dropped him after attention was drawn to a post he wrote on his blog last August which endorsed the reasoning in the testament of the Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik.

He wrote, inter alia:

That pretty well everyone – myself not excluded – recoiled at his actions, does not belie the accuracy of Breivik’s research and analysis in his ‘manifesto’, which is in line with most scholarship in respect of both Political Correctness and Islam.

It is clear that the mass of ordinary people are considered with utter contempt by the government-media-education uber-class across the Western world; this as the result of ‘cultural Marxism’. So we are, in effect, ‘at war’ within our societies over PC, as Breivik claims.

It’s nice that he first stipulates that he doesn’t actually approve of machine-gunning teenagers to make a point.

Then there’s the Sheffield SITP Facebook page. There’s a long discussion on May 16 with many contributions by Moxon, and this observation by someone else –

I have been approached multiple times by people, particularly women who find Steve’s views so consistently repellant that they feel excluded from contributing to this group, or even from attending SITP. I’m all for free speech but that includes both sexes and not just people called Steve. We haven’t yet reached the point of blocking anyone but there is a ‘for the good of the group’ argument to consider…

Leeds SITP please note.



  1. smhll says

    There are bigots, and then there are stupid bigots. A smarter bigot would have just paraphrased Breivik’s ideas, not actually name dropped his name. Same or similar harm done to the world, but much sneakier with reduced chance of getting busted. Sigh. I guess it’s better than most bigots are pretty stupid.

  2. Dave says

    Exactly, smhll. Why anyone would reference Breivik in any positive manner is beyond me. Maybe he was hoping for donations from a particular demographic.

  3. Lizzy says


    “Maybe he was hoping for donations from a particular demographic.”

    An interesting thought. I have come across Breivik admirers online; there’s a forum called the Anglo-Saxon Foundation (basically Stormfront, only with a weird obsession with the Battle of Hastings) which is riddled with apologists for the Oslo murders:


    Is there some kind of hard-right constituency that Moxon’s trying to pander to here, do you think?

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