Stairs to no end

Via Stewart, a fantastic (in both senses) video “inspired by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Richard Dawkins.” It needs to go viral.

“Not to ask questions is to live life asleep.”


  1. Sophie Lagacé says

    I’m seriously uncomfortable with the fact that it’s set in Middle Eastern-looking community, but the hero and freethinker is a little red-blond Caucasian looking girl that seems to share none of the facial traits or dressing code the other characters exhibit.

  2. says

    Hmm. I don’t think so. The fact that she’s not muffled is part of the point, and the hair – for all we know all the characters have red gold hair, but they’re all muffled so we can’t tell.

    She could have had dark hair, but I think her hair is part of the light symbolism, along with the butterfly, the candles, etc. Very Goethe-esque.

  3. Sastra says

    Ah. Hate to comment so off topic, but I’ve just spent over 15 minutes skittering around the internet trying to find an email address to contact Ophelia. Either I’m missing the obvious or we are of a shy and retiring nature, mysterious and concealed from prying eyes.

  4. says

    Sorry, Sastra – contact address at old B&W! (I’m not sure if there’s one here.)

    You might have it somewhere, because I know you’ve emailed me in the past, complete with your name.

  5. Lili says

    This is quite briliant, actually.
    I think the most powerfull point in this film is that you rarly see a female main character that convinved she NEEDS to go towards the light, regardless of what others might think of her.
    I wish this will inspire more women to do so in real life.

  6. Tomer Fox says

    I’m from Israel and it seems safe to assume this film was made here (the name of the film maker and most of the people in the credits are clearly in hebrew).

    Red and Blonde hair are extremely common here… A lot of people here originated from europeans who came here pre or post the holocaust and the past decade or so had massive immigration from russia.

    I’m sorry to take from the discussion about this film (which I absolutely loved!) to nitpick the silly comment by Sophie Lagacé but it always bugs me when people seem to think the strangest things on us.

    I mean, the whole point is fighitng ignorance, isn’t it?


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