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Stairs to no end reminded me of something: one of my favorite last-two-minutes of the ’90s tv show Northern Exposure, which had a lot of glorious final two minutes. I’m slow, so it took me awhile to remember that I might be able to find it, and by golly…

Chris the DJ-autodidact-ex-con has spent the episode preparing a surprise winter celebration thing for Cicely, and that celebration thing is the end of the episode. Check it out.



  1. 'Tis Himself says

    What is that music? I’ve heard it before but I can’t put a name on it. Is it one of Enya’s pieces?

  2. says

    I’ve no idea, but it’s crucial. The show specialized in endings like that, with the perfect music under it. Ruth Anne and Ed dancing with the cranes; Marilyn and Fleischer watching the Woodland Park elephants (my elephants!) on her adventure; Fleischer’s home-made minyan for his uncle…and others that are eluding me.

  3. Woof says

    Yeah, fun show.

    Too bad Janine Turner turned (sorry!) out to be such a massive wingnut.

  4. says

    (If you google for it, you can easily find full Northern Exposure music guides.)

    It occurred to me after that this might have had a condescending ring. I didn’t mean to suggest that anyone was silly not to have searched. It’s something I’ve done some, and I wasn’t sure if people knew about the information compiled out there for some shows.

  5. Owen says

    Funnily enough I’m watching cheapo second-hand DVDs of the first series at the moment – two at a time ‘cos they’re such good fun! Didn’t know JT had gone to the Dark Side though – shame…

  6. daveau says

    The Chicago pedantic in me says it’s Soldier Field, not Soldier’s Field, but thanks for reminding me what a great show that was.

  7. says

    FleishMAN, ffs, not Fleischer. Imbecile. (Me.)

    Too right about Janine Turner – and she also wrecked her own god damn character, by insisting on “softening” her as the show went on. The writers and directors and producers should have told her no way. Bristly chippy tough difficult Maggie was great; slushy “warm” Maggie was an abomination.

    Funny how utterly boring John Corbett has been in everything else.

    Adam Arkin used to hang out in my local second-hand bookstore, the one where I ran a reading group called Fun With Dead White Guys.


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