1. smhll says

    Apparently, the men who aren’t down with feminism find it harder to ignore discussions about sexism than to ignore sexism. (Or, I think they find the one more irritating to live with.)

  2. Laura-Ray says

    Haha, man that guy has the gum all over his face. This is just the poopy icing on the garbage cake.

  3. Laura-Ray says

    PS by that guy I mean thunderf00t. I realized that might not be obvious, and I’m having a dumb day…/week.

  4. Robert B. says

    That’s some excellent composition. The light and shadow, and especially the way the eyes in the background mural are positioned right over the edge of the poster.

    Also, totally checking out the jewelry, I’m in the market for pendants. Thanks for the link, Sarah!

  5. Gen, Uppity Ingrate. says

    Excellent. Lulz! Very, very excellent. Thanks both Ophelia and SurlyAmy. This is amazing.

  6. Rowan says

    I love the way that, when only the top part of the photograph is visible, the left hand of the woman holding the poster appears to belong to the woman in the mural.

    Related to the current situation: (via Lisa Millbank) the NYC Anarchist Bookfair has recently had similar problems with misogynistic objections to procedures intended to ensure safe space.


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