Oh fuck. Plane broken, of course. Delay of hour and fifteen minutes. I’ll get in WAY LATE at night.

No, now it’s an hour and a half.


I shouldn’t be posting this. It’s a tweet at most. Very self-indulgent.

But blargh.

Update. Well that was a quick reversal of fortune. They changed their minds and decided to give us a different plane, instead, at a different gate, so suddenly instead of being in a smelly faux-leather chair surrounded by smelly people with a view of smelly people (no offense – we’re all smelly) I’m in one of those airport rocking chairs (what a great idea!) facing a huge bank of windows with a view of the office towers of Charlotte and planes taking off, and people sparse and at a much pleasanter distance. Gosh.

Who knew Charlotte had office towers? To be perfectly honest I don’t even know where Charlotte is, despite having spent some time in NC a mere couple of decades ago. It’s…middleish, I think. It’s fer sher not in the mountains (which are beautiful, by the way), nor is it on the coast…so that leaves middleish.


  1. Kevin says

    Phillips Crab House. I think it’s by the C gates.

    And yes, Charlotte is middle-ish. I’m in the mountains, 2.5 hours away. The beach is at least 3 to 4 hours away from that.

    NC is a LOOOOOOOOONG state.

  2. MovableBookLady says

    I’m in Asheville NC in the mountains, 2 hours 100 miles from Charlotte, and we think of it as being in the western Piedmont, just before the foothills. And it’s become one of the biggest banking centers in the country (hence tall buildings).

    Sorry about all the flying nastiness.

  3. says

    The Piedmont. I love that word. The footmountain. The part I could see out the huge windows was dead flat; the towers looked like Oz. Pretty. Good that it was pretty because the flight sucked.

    I could have looked it up of course, but the little notebook I use for travel is very slow (which is why Simon loaned me his for liveblogging the conference) so I didn’t.

    Asheville – I love Asheville.

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