How did that get there?!

There’s a new group in Tunisia, Equality and Parity, that is protesting the wearing of the niqab.

Equality and Parity promised that they will plan manifestations and sit-ins if women’s rights are violated in Tunisia. The group lobbies against denigrating women’s representation in decision-making – whether it be in the political, social, cultural, or economic sphere. It also promotes the full citizenship of women and total eradication of gender discrimination.

It put together a rather cryptic video that looks like a campaign for the niqab but is apparently intended as a campaign against it. Maybe it just seems cryptic to me because I’m not familiar with Tunisian advertising.



  1. sumdum says

    I don’t think it’s cryptic at all. It gives a glimpse into a possible future, a taste of things to come. Unless that fate is averted, which I doubt will happen.

  2. mirax says

    That’s mean and intolerant “old fashioned” feminism isnt it? Isn’t the niqab a wonderful,valid and fulfilling choice for those who don it with so much sassiness and verve? Isnt railing against the utter evil of the zionist entity the most pressing concern for young muslim feminists?

  3. ismenia says

    I didn’t find it cryptic either. Many of the women are visibly disturbed by the veiled image. One is frustrated and tries to view her reflection between the veils, finally another tears it away. It clearly shows veiling as a threat that has to be tackled.

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