1. eric says

    Its so on the mark, I won’t be surprised if we start hearing fundie priests adopting the “God isn’t a secularist” line for themselves.

  2. says

    Every time I read the line “God isn’t a secularist” I want to change it to say, “God isn’t period.”

    Also, note Mo uses an Apple computer; he’s a very trendy guy.

  3. Stonyground says

    In the comments over at J&M it has been pointed out that Googling ‘Jesus’ puts Jesus and Mo at number three in the list, putting in ‘Jesus and’ makes it the number one choice.

    In the UK the Church of England enjoys a lot of status and priviledge that is left over from history. As a result the CofE is pretty much against secularism as it would mean a level playing field which is the last think that they want.

  4. says

    Sadly, Google is personalizing its searches to what it thinks you’re looking for, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in that. Looking for ‘Jesus’ got me at third place, with J&M at place 8-9. I’ve visited both sites before, so I can’t even say if my search results are a baseline.

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