In Cranston right now

JT has a post live-blogging (via informants) the Cranston school committee meeting to discuss whether to appeal the judge’s ruling on the goddy banner. It features a lot of grown-ups bullying a teenage girl for upholding the law.

WPRO, the Cranston radio station that has been nothing but horrible to Jessica makes the following tweet.

RT @WPRO_newsroom: Change of location for Jessica Ahlquist at #prayerbanner meeting tonight: she’s in the back instead of front row, crouching way down #WPRO

These are adults, and they’re acting like they’ve achieved some form of noble triumph when a young girl who has endured an environment of threats and is probably worried for her safety is trying to stay out of the line of fire from a crowd that doubtlessly contains some of the people who have threatened her.

Fucking bullies and their religion of love.

Randomfactor Someone tells me they’re now passive-aggressively singing “God Bless America”.  I can only assume the song will be retired as false advertising if the board decides not to appeal.

Large segment of the crowd just stood and yelled the pledge of allegiance at Jessica.

Pledge recited, “Under god” yelled obnoxiously.  One can only wonder if god is so concerned why he didn’t show up himself.

Religious bullying – it just never gets old for some people.


  1. Aratina Cage says

    It is kind of surprising how easy it is to turn people into a group of bullies with almost no empathy for their target (Jessica in this case). The term for what they are doing is actually mobbing.

  2. Steersman says

    More egregious manifestations of “in-group morality and out-group hostility”; another not so fine hour of group-think.

    But good to see that at least some of the religious are starting to see the writing on the wall. Maybe not the beginning of the end, but hopefully the end of the beginning – so to speak.

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