1. Francisco Bacopa says

    Never understood California beach culture. Your water is cold and many of your beaches have extrusions of rocks and cliffs. On the Gulf coast the water is warm until late January and warms back up in late March and there are are over a thousand miles of un-rocky broad beaches. Why to you think Padre Island, Gulf Shores Alabama, and even Galveston are prime Spring Break party spots for kids too poor to fly to Cancun?

    But wait, maybe your adverse conditions in California force people to concentrate and interact. That’s where culture and music come from. No culture except GGW has come from the Gulf Coast.

    And the surfing is better there. No tubular waves here with our sloping continental shelf except when a hurricane is out there.

    But we do have wake surfing:

  2. Ken Pidcock says

    It was beautiful and stormy.

    I’m sure it was, but don’t go gettin’ all Althouse on us. 😉

  3. says

    I’m not in California, Francisco – I’m farther north, in Seattle, where swimming in salt water (except with a wet suit) is pretty much out of the question. But jeez, beaches are good for more than swimming. (And then, my perro amigo thinks swimming in salt water is just the best thing ever.) It was beautiful and stormy. Rocky beaches are beautiful.

    Althouse – does she see God in the storm?

  4. fastlane says

    Golden Gardens is a nice park too. I live further north, but my apt is about a 30 min walk to the beach (south Everett, not far from the Mukilteo Ferry). I just moved here in January, and I’m loving the area.

  5. Ken Pidcock says

    Althouse – does she see God in the storm?

    Nah, she’s an atheist, but famous for posting photographs. And for catering to an angry conservative commentariat.

  6. says

    Ah. Well if I’m famous for anything it could be for not posting photographs. I keep thinking I should do more visuals.

    Dave, they sure do, especially when they’re only 7 months old. OH LOOK!! Sand! Waves! Seaweed! Smells! Wowowowowowwwww!!!11

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