I’m in USA Today!

My photo is in the USA Today’s shitty article about the Reason Rally:

“Jennifer McCreight came from Seattle to Washington, D.C., to hoist this sign at the Reason Rally where 20,000 atheists and free-thinkers came to denounce religion and stand up for unbelief.”

I’ll write up a summary while I’m traveling home today. Right now I have to pull myself out of my zombie-like state and shuffle off to the airport.


  1. mcbender says

    Wow, that article really is pathetically bad. I hope that all of the press we get doesn’t take a similar approach…

    (Btw, I’m glad I ran into you at the rally, even if we did only talk for about 10 seconds.)

  2. Gordon says

    Dammit Jen, now I’m trapped in a pit of stupid.

    Why do I comment on these articles? Will I never learn? It’ll be weeks before the notifications stop rolling in!

  3. James C. says

    God damn, that really is a shitty hatchet job of an article.. Especially that bit about “stand your ground.” That’s just laughably transparent demagoguery.

    And the thing about Greta ignoring Galileo’s redemption. I’ve not seen her talk at the Rally, but I’ve seen her Skepticon IV talk and read her book, and in both cases she does mention it. So either she cut it, or the reporter is simply lying.

    Nice sign, though.

  4. storms says

    That sign was you? I was feet from you and didn’t get to say hi? Oh well. All I’d have to say, anyway, is “I love reading your posts and keep up the good work.” Cheers!

  5. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    I think I was standing about 5 feet behind the photographer and left of frame when it was taken and you were being interviewed. Thanks for stopping to talk, 30 seconds of me going “Squeee! I’m a big fan” counts as talking, right?

  6. christophburschka says

    The article was pretty bad with its continual insinuation of “fundamentalist atheism”, but I like how they put the words “friends” in quotes in the end there. “Friends” who disown you for atheism aren’t friends.

  7. Simon says

    Is it really that much of a surprise that there are journalists and media outlets that aren’t friendly to our cause and that they would come to the rally looking for ways to make atheists look bad?

  8. RW Ahrens says

    No, Greta left out the disclaimer about the RCC *finally* admitting – four hundred years too late- that their treatment of Galileo was wrong. I noticed it, since I’d seen/heard her make that particular statement at least twice before, so it stood out to me.

  9. Die Anyway says

    “Obama isn’t trying to destroy religion…”

    No, of course not. He’s pushing the “Muslin” agenda because, you know, he is one. ;)

    Seriously, I have been so dissapointed in Obama’s pandering to religion. Some of his pre-presidential speeches gave me hope that the understood about “the wall”. But his constant “God bless America” has turned me off. Damn him.

    Sorry I missed the Rally. Hope y’all had a good time, despite the rain.

    Eat well, stay fit, Die Anyway.

  10. robro says

    …the Reason Rally where 20,000 atheists and free-thinkers came to denounce religion and stand up for unbelief

    Really? Talk about using words to frame the discussion and slant the viewpoint. I thought the Reason Rally was to promote reason in our society. Where’s Chomsky when we need him!?

  11. amc says

    I just want to join the chorus of people who love that sign!

    robro, reason and religion are two opposing viewpoints, this should be obvious to you.

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