1. says

    “Show me on this Kirk Cameron doll where Tim Minchin touched you…”
    This thought came unbidden in my head when I read this.

    I saw Tim last summer but I was at least 12 feet away. Major jealousy points.

  2. clamboy says

    I was going to tell you how much you suck, but then I realized that, damn it, you earned that touch!!! Thank you for all your work.

  3. clamboy says

    That’s just what I was coming back to say! Minchin is the one of whom we ought to be jealous.

  4. Gowri says

    I was there, jumping up and down to catch a glimpse of Tim.
    Thankfully the rain stopped and the damn umbrellas were lowered so I could see him perform a little better than expected.
    Man, if only I could be touched by him.
    I felt so sorry for Dan Barker, he played some really good songs, but he played after TIM MINCHIN ! I guess that takes courage :)

  5. F says

    I’m so envious, I’m going to be pedantic: You probably mean “envious”, unless you’re speaking to someone who Tim Minchin has touched previously at the least. ;)

    Anyway, how very cool!

  6. says

    I’m sorry D: The next atheist con we’re at together, I will introduce you to any famous person you want to meet that I have some sort of in with.

  7. says

    haha, I got to meet more famous people than I knew what to do it this time, so touching Tim Minchin may have caused my head to explode, which would have been dangerous to all in the area.

  8. Shaun says

    On the one hand omgwtfbbqawesome.
    On the other hand, if I didn’t get touched by Tim, someone else would do.

  9. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    Hey I’m not envious at all, because I got a picture with you! Unfortunately I look pretty goofy in it, oh well, par for the course. Thanks again for letting me get that pic by the way, and it was nice to say “hi” in person.

  10. Azkyroth says

    I have a picture of me between Jen and Greta Christina.

    This concludes your regularly scheduled fansquee.

  11. says


    If I were there, I would have offered to comb his hair. Or something.


    You know what’s funny, I just found out this one guy sitting at the table you were at, at the skeptic’s meeting at the Blue Star is actually Matt Crowley. Small world!

    He’s no Tim Minchin, but at least he’s a freak of some sort — a circus freak, anyway!

  12. amyc says

    A friend who went to the rally with me is now in love with Tim Minchin. His Kinsey number turns up to 11 when Minchin is mentioned.

  13. christophburschka says

    Tim Minchin is awesome, and has the most creepily intense stare I have ever seen.

  14. Raiki says

    Just so you’re aware, I hate both you *and* Tim so much right now. My jealousy is so acute I can barely type!

    That is all.


  15. treefrog says

    O.M.F.G. I think I’d pass out.

    We were there on Saturday!! We drove down 2.5 hours from Philly. And, needless to say, Tim Minchin ROCKED

    And I saw Jen!! Just coming out of the big tent. The look on my face must have showed how happy I was to see you, Jen. You were so sweet to stop and chat with me. And I suddenly realized you don’t know me and I shouldn’t be bothering you and I said goodbye before I could ask you for a picture with me! :(

    I guess I’ll have to go to more atheist gatherings (this was my first) and stalk …I mean find you again.

  16. Wowbagger, Madman of Insleyfarne says

    I met him after one of his shows in Australia last year, and we chatted about the atheist blogosphere. ‘Twas awesome.

  17. F says

    This. If I ever left my cave or whatever, I’d have more of a squee meeting Jen. No offense to Tim, who is wonderful.

  18. SamO. says

    Did y’all not not eat pig together? Or in the very least did you remember to take your canvas bag?

  19. confuseddave says

    I knew it was too much to expect that nobody had made that joke yet. Good to know I’m not the only one, though…

  20. annie says

    Ah, that’s nothing. My daughter was all excited that she got her picture taken with Blag Hag. ;-)

  21. says

    Yay!! I’m glad I was able to drag you along. :)

    Also, I love your blog readers, because if this picture were on reddit or anywhere else, it would be about how un/attractive we all are and how much they would love/hate to bang us. :)

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