More on my weird life

I went to a Weird Al concert (awesome) and returned home to find healthyaddict, Thunderf00t, and the hosts of Ask an Atheist in my apartment. I have an atheist videoblogger infestation. Send help.

…No, they did not break into my apartment. It is a long and not very interesting story. I rather perpetuate idea that atheist videobloggers come to be via spontaneous abiogenesis.


  1. ShavenYak says

    Love Weird Al. Got tickets to see him at the end of the month – this will be my fourth time.Did he do the walk through the audience to “Wanna B Ur Lover” again, or has he gone back to “One More Minute”?

  2. says

    How I envy you mere words cannot describe. Ever. Despite some minor things I disagree with him about, Thunderf00t is a person whom I immensely respect and I really, REALLY would like to have oportunity to meet him over a pint of beer.I hope it was as good and enjoyable meeting as I like to imagine it.

  3. SeanK says

    Weird Al is still around?  I’m not sure what’s more scary, that he’s still around, or that people still listen to his ‘music’.

  4. PZ Myers says

    I noticed that Ashley was in Seattle via foursquare…I was half-expecting her to get into mischief with you.

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