I am such a hermit

“Hmmm, I should really go buy some groceries today. *walks outside* Oh wow, it’s beautiful out! I don’t even need a jacket. Holy crap, a blue sky! Mountains! *reads car thermometer* 67 degrees?! This is a great day. Man, I should really do something outside to enjoy it, since it’ll probably rain for a month straight again. Hmmm… … …what do people do outside for fun? It’s too late to go hiking somewhere. I don’t really feel like walking around alone… …If only my laptop got here, then I could at least sit outside on the internet. …Meh, back to the basement. I wish it was this nice the only time I do go outside.*”

*That would be traveling to and from work. Yes, I am a pathetic nerd.


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    That pretty much described my day today as well. Only reason I left my apartment was to go to Best Buy to buy stuff I don’t need. Was in the low 60s out.

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    I spent many hours outside in the nice weather yesterday… because the lawn was overgrown and I have a people-powered push mower :-(

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    Maybe ’cause it’s on my mind a lot recently, but this just makes me think about the forced partial-hermitism that many disabled people experience. I’d love to enjoy the outdoors more, I’m just not able to. It’s not even a social-model-of-disability thing, because I don’t see what society could do differently to change it for me, but for a lot of other people…Here in the UK, a lot of people who need it get mobility aids provided by the state, through the NHS mostly. A lot more of us have to pay for our own, because (for example) a lack of diagnosis means it’s “not worth” sending us to an occupational therapist, because they don’t know how long the problem will last, or don’t understand it enough to be confident of worthwhile advice.Meh, I’m just moaning, it’s not on-topic, just was brought to mind.

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    The only reason I left my apartment today was to do laundry. Luckily I’m being forced out of my apartment, into the lovely weather (but evil high pollen count) by a friend whose kidnapping me for the rest of the weekend. However, I feel your pain…I act the same way you do most weekends.

  5. Vanessa says

    I thought you had an iPhone? You could have played on the internet with that while outside

  6. says

    I’m frequently in the same boat.Except I prefer it when it’s cold and overcast. Partially because I cut a much better figure in my winter jacket, but mostly it’s because bright sunlight hurts my eyes.It burnses!

  7. LouisDoench says

    Ugh… it has been awful here in Cincinnati all of April. And I have 3 children to keep from killing each other and or me…

  8. Dckilian says

    You’re near the Chittenden Locks out in Ballard, Jen, and it’s nice on a fine day. These locks maintain the water level and salt water barrier between Puget Sound and the inland lakes by way of the ship canal.

  9. mcbender says

    Jen, there’s nothing wrong with being a hermit… I think it’s more or less a corollary of being in grad school…

  10. says

    You’re lucky you stayed home, you’re day could have gone like this:———————Its nice out, lets’ go for a walk.Hey, isn’t that the local non-chain ice cream store where the guy makes it from scratch? Why, yes it is, lets go get a sundae with home made whipped cream, nuts, hot fudge and caramel. ($5.00)While we’re at it, lets get some hot apple fritters for a snack later ($5.00 + $3.50 = $8.50).Okay, now that we had a treat and its still nice out lets go walk off some of these carbs.Oh hey, isn’t that the local book store? Lets browse! Oh boy, they have that new book from [insert favourite author here], I just HAVE to have it. ($8.50 + $10.00 = $18.50)Getting loaded down now, but the sun is warm and there’s a nice breeze, lets keep walking. Mmmm…. What’s that amazing smell? Oooooooo, BURGERS!!!!Order 10oz monster burger combo with the works and swap the fries for onion rings ($18.50 + $10.00 = $28.50). Throw on some cheese, fried mushrooms, fried onions, and bacon ($1.00 each x 4 = $4.00 + $28.50 = $32.50). Oh crap, they have that really awesome turkey noodle cream soup, gotta have some of that! ($32.50 + $3.50 = $36.00) Wow that was good, don’t forget to leave the tip! ($36.00 + $5.00 = $41.00)Well, I’m stuffed, lets walk some of this off.Oh hey look, the local clothing store. WOAH!!!! Is that a kids monkey shirt in the window? Holy crap, they have penguins too? SQUEEE, my nieces loves monkeys and penguins, they’re gonna make great birthday / Christmas gifts, I just gotta have them! ($20.00 x 2 = $40.00 + $41.00 = $81.00).Oh yeah, I need some cereal ($6.00), milk ($4.50), and some bread ($2.50), better head on over to the grocery store and pick that all up! ($81.00 + $13.00 = $94.00).Crap, I have a lot of stuff and my arms are getting sore from carrying it. Besides, its starting to get cold and I need to get this milk h0me and into the fridge pretty fast, better walk home now.Get home, put all the crap away.Hmmm… Better go and check my bank balance, gotta pay the bills! WTF!!! How the hell did I spend a hundred bucks today!!!???!?!??!?!??!———————Don’t beat yourself up too much. Sure you wasted an otherwise perfect day being a hermit in the house but you probably saved yourself a hundred bucks, I’d call that a win! :-DPete…

  11. Gus Snarp says

    You need to do some field work. Biology is about living things, after all, and they only live inside because we put “inside” in their way.

  12. JM says

    Pittsburgh’s got your weather. We had a day without rain last week, but I had to go to work….inside of course.

  13. Georgia Sam says

    You’re in/near Seattle, right? I’m certainly not an expert on Seattle, having visited there only a few times, but my favorite thing to do there on a nice day is ride one of the big ferries across the sound.

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