Yes, I know

My boobs are stock footage for Fox News (0:16). You can all stop sending me the video now.

Maybe that’s why we kept having earthquakes since boobquake. Maybe my cleavage keeps appearing on television! God, could Fox News get any more evil? Stop causing natural disasters!


  1. Davidmbeyer says

    That’s some pretty awesome misreporting. Give Fox News some credit for their consistency.

  2. Epistaxis says

    No, this is *science*. You’re not causing natural disasters; you’re saving men’s lives.

  3. says

    A few of my friends are still in Channel 7’s stock footage for drunk kids on Schoolies (kind of like Spring Break in Australia, except for people graduating from high school). That was like 4 years ago, and has been shown at least 10 times. So get used to it – when they find one they like, they tend to stick with it.

  4. Roki_B says

    Your mammaries are famous. Treat them nicely today, give them some congrats and something comfy to lounge upon. (I am assuming that this is what they like, alternatively, strap into a speedsuit and go street-racing)

  5. Danny wuvs Kittens says

    even if this is a real study, well goddamn. The second group was supposed to refrain from looking at breasts for five years. FIVE MOTHERFUCKING YEARS. JESUS COCKSTOMPING CHRIST. They’re apparently not even allowed to look at their significant other’s breasts. Of course they’re going to have higher blood pressure.

  6. says

    All I can say Jenn, is thank you for doing your part to keep the men of the world healthy. If it wasn’t for kind, decent women like yourself showing up in stock footage about breasts, well, the world would be a much darker place for it. I salute you, and your cleavage!But seriously, it is kind of funny that Fox is using a popular feminist icon’s cleavage as part of their stock footage for men staring at breasts.

  7. says

    Indeed. Even as portrayed on Fox with no attribution (along with the other ladies – Happy International Women’s Day!), Jen’s cleavage was enough to mess up Japan. If only we’d had her around in WWII – we might not have need to drop the bombs.

  8. J. Mark says

    The official word from mid-east clerics is that citizens in Japan don’t change the oil in their cars enough…..they’re calling it “LUBE-QUAKE”….

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