Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Technically the McCreights (rhymes with “right”) are Scotch-Irish, but feel free to send kisses and green beer my way anyway. …Even though I’m actually more Greek than I am Irish or Scottish. Whatever, let me embrace my Irish-sounding surname!

Anyone celebrating today?


  1. says

    My father-in-law is Scottish and from the Highlands. When he hears the term Scotch-Irish his face turns red and blurts out, “Scotch is a drink!”I’m in Boston and the whole city experiences an Irish orgasm on St Pattie;s Day

  2. says

    Ha, I am pretty much all Irish, Scottish, and English, with a little German and Algonquin (my family is weird). So I can rightfully take all the green beer and kisses instead!

  3. the_Siliconopolitan says

    Do you have any Dane in you*?Just been to a lovely talk on stem cells by someone who looked a bit like you. And was just as enthusiastic (and I got her to call anti-vaxxers imbeciles).(No, I don’t mean to put a little Dane in you.)

  4. Lo says

    *PaddyAlways drive my mom crazy when she sees Patrick shortened incorrectly. The Irish form of Patrick is Padraic, thus Paddy. Patty is short for Patricia (my mother’s name).My mom’s side is completely Irish; her mother came from Ireland as a nanny when she was 16. We’ve never really celebrated it majorly, though. My grandma thinks that it’s ridiculous that there’s a day where people wear green and get massively drunk and call it Irish. She feels it’s a bit disrespectful. PLUS, she was excommunicated from the church for divorcing and remarrying. ;)

  5. Erzole says

    Scots-Irish is the correct term. I’m Scottish so should know *sniffs*Oh, and its pronounced McCrate Jen, not McRight.

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