Off my ASS for the SSA – Week 6

Starting weight: 186.4 lbs
Last week’s weight: 177.2 lbs
Current weight: 174.8 lbs
Weight loss this week: 2.4 lbs

I lost all 2.4 of those pounds in the two days following posting Sharon and Lyz’s guest post. Wooo stress! It’s amazing what it can do when decoupled with stress eating (more cake will make me feel better, I know!). But yeah, I’m not making that tactic a normal part of my weight loss routine.

But in positive news, I blew past the 10 pounds mark and went down one notch in my belt – back to the notch I used to use, but progress nonetheless! I really need to buy a new pair of pants, but the optimist in me is hesitant because hopefully even those will be too big in a couple more months.

The following week is the final week of my competition with JT. He’s slightly ahead of me, and this last week won’t be easy. My department is starting grad student recruitment, and I’m one of the hosts. That basically means I get to go to a lot of free dinners, lunches, breakfasts, and pub nights with the new recruits while talking about the department. I see extra exercising in my future.


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    Congratulations on the progress so far!I don’t know how helpful this might be, but skirts are handy when you’re losing a lot of weight without buying new pants all the time. After graduating college (with a Bachelors in Fine Arts – hence why I couldn’t just go buy new pants) I lost 30lbs, and my skirts were the only thing that still fit properly. Nice and adjustable, and no funny wrinkling when they’re the wrong size. Not sure if skirts are especially practical in a lab setting, but they’re pretty cheap and easy to make when working on a tight budget.

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    Speaking from experience I can say hold off on buying new pants as long as you can. Partly because if you keep losing weight those pants you buy will be useless in a few months anyways, but also because it’s a great feeling to put on a pair that used to be tight and are now loose. The number on the scale is an indication, but it just doesn’t have the same feel as clothing now fitting differently.

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    This is really usefuladvice. It also was useful to read recently that many women have multiple negative thoughts about their butts, hips and thighs every day .

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