Interview at the Journal and Courier

My old local newspaper in Lafayette, IN has a nice interview with me about how my life is still a little crazy post boobquake. I think it’s a good one – go check it out.

My favorite comment on the story so far is the one that calls me smelly. The creativity is overwhelming!


  1. breadbox says

    “Ex-Boiler”? Does this have something to do with the tea controversy that Hitchens has stirred up recently?

  2. JulietEcho says

    Wow… now I remember why I try to avoid reading comments sections.* The fact that people think and believe such idiotic things (that sin causes natural disasters, for instance) is sad enough on its own, but the fact that they voluntarily spend their free time revealing their stupidity is just staggeringly disheartening.*My reaction was from reading the comments on the article, not on this post.

  3. AlphaConfig says

    My favorite comment is the one saying that you didn’t get the point that the clerics were making because it was METAPHORICAL. Those are the best! When prophesies fail, instead of admitting defeat they instead say that it’s not meant to be taken literally.Fuck, that kind of bullshit would get ripped apart alive in science!

  4. Upright Bipedalist says

    Does it bother you that they called the experiment a pseudoscience experiment rather than a pseudo-experiment for science? The difference is crucial.

  5. torero1 says

    That sightminer guy:”Look around you. Do you honestly believe the line that first there was nothing, and then it exploded? That we evolved from rocks?” Yeah sure, that’s what happened. Why not?Also, apparently the best place to see when the moon causes an eclipse on Earth’s surface is….the Earth. That’s a surprise.

  6. omnomnom says

    “Tell me why the best platform for viewing solar and lunar eclipses is – the earth.” LOL cannot get over this one. This is why we keep creationists around – comedy gold.

  7. katalina says

    HAHA I love the comment that says they met you and you were as well-groomed as a person your age could be expected to be! Talk about a back-handed compliment!

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