Next item on the gay agenda

Oh Indiana. And to think this happened in one of our biggest, most liberal (relatively) cities.

This is what they were after: a mulitcolored cupcake to celebrate “National Coming Out Day” next month; a rainbow confection to honor the diversity on the campus of IUPUI. But the student who had the order placed at Just Cookies was told no. […]

“Look around, we don’t have cupcakes,” said owner Lilly Stockton.

Stockton said she talked to someone who did ask for rainbow cookies but couldn’t accommodate the order.

Stockton: “I don’t have enough colors to do that.”

Reporter: “Not enough colors, not because you didn’t like what they stood for?”

Stockton: “She didn’t tell me what it was for.”

Oh, wait, that sounds like a reasonable excuse. I’m sure other people from the store would back her up.

Then we talked to her husband David, who gradually made it clear that there was an earlier order… and yes, the customer was refused.

“I explained we’re a family-run business, we have two young, impressionable daughters and we thought maybe it was best not to do that,” said co-owner David Stockton.


To quote one of my fellow grad students: “First cupcakes, then THE WORLD!”


  1. says

    … Not enough colors? Seriously? You don’t have the six most basic colors in the spectrum?If their excuse really is legitimate, that’s one craptacular bakery. Sure hope their ‘young impressionable daughters’ don’t pick up on their intolerance and/or lousy business practices (whichever the case may be ;-)

  2. LS says

    Because if a little girl ever happens to see a rainbow, she’s going to lose her interest in a woman’s proper role of being a wife and mother, and suddenly crave boobies.

  3. says

    Sad, but I sure didn’t consider Indy as even relatively liberal.So, if I owned a cookie store could I refuse to accept an order from the NAACP, B’nai B’rith or the AARP? Or are they protected legally? So I know it’s “legal” to refuse service to fat people, gays and old bald guys ’cause they aren’t protected groups.I surprised that this was reported by a Fox station. As the student said, I too hope this opens a dialog. At the same time I hope the bakery will experience a huge reduction in their business. Although the bakery that filled the order was pictured I wish they would have been identified by name. Perhaps their business would increase. At least I can hope.

  4. says

    “”I explained we’re a family-run business, we have two young, impressionable daughters and we thought maybe it was best not to do that,”This guy does not know how a child’s mind works. The child’s thought process is not: Rainbow-colored cupcakes –> Rainbows –> Gay Pride –> I want to lead a life of sin. It is much simpler: Rainbow colored cupcakes –> cupcakes –> I want cupcakes.

  5. LS says

    You say that’s how a child’s mind works as if any of us grow out of it. Show of hands, who sees rainbow cupcakes and thinks “I want cupcakes” rather than “I want to have homosexual sex!”Cupcakes always win.

  6. Jtingram says

    See, I think I’m the exception that disproves the rule. I see a cupcake and I DO think, “I want to have homosexual sex!” Because similar to holytape’s cupcake response to every stimulus, I have a gay sex response. Also: Dammit Jen! First you’re exposing our “cause global warming to make all people everywhere wear sexy short shorts” plan. Now you’re revealing our baked goods based world domination?? What’s next? An expose on the popularizing of brunch in the effort to get the world to sleep in a little later past breakfast allowing all us gays to get away with our morning orgies at playgrounds, in church parking lots and on the front lawn of elderly disapproving couples?

  7. Ustice says

    I think that the “gay agenda” is more in the lines ofTO DO:☐ Gain equal rights under the law☑ Be FABULOUS

  8. Julie says

    Also, a tub of Wilton intense color gel dye (what most professional bakers use) costs about $2. And if you want you can just buy red, yellow and blue and *make* orange, green and purple icing. I mean, come on… What a pathetic excuse.

  9. says

    If the owners ‘didn’t know what they were for’ then how did they know that it wasn’t for some kind of 80’s children show theme-party and the cupcakes were the Rainbow Brite representation? I mean, that’s plausible, isnt’ it? But nooo.. they just assumed it was some kind of gay pride thing. Sounds like someones got the gay on the brain.

  10. Haley says

    I was already planning on baking cupcakes for my atheist club meeting tonight, so in honor of this story, I shall make them rainbow even though it means 5 more bowls to clean. (I think we need to drive home the message that cupcakes are atheistic. Everyone bake atheist cupcakes!)

  11. says

    Oh, and I am SO SICK of the impressionable children. Come ON. We were all there once. We all know that we were not all care bear angelic beings from Heaven ™. We fiddled with each other nether regions and ate worms.

  12. says

    AMEN! The ‘thinkofthechildren’ folks drive me nuts (see rant about the KatyPerry/Sesame street OMGBEWBIES! thing). The children are FINE. Relax.

  13. Amanda says

    It is my understanding that privately owned businesses have the “right to refuse service to anyone” (a lot of them even like to hang up signs saying this). But if they have to right to deny someone service, customers who disagree with their decision have the right to buy their baked goods elsewhere, as I would certainly do.

  14. Julie says

    I don’t know where I stand on the KP/SS thing. On the one hand a big part of America’s problem with teen pregnancy, etc. is that we try to keep them ignorant about sex. On the other hand you have to be careful about sexualizing children as opposed to educating them. If I see one more five-year-old with “sexy” written across their ass…

  15. Buffy2q says

    Rainbows are automatically gay and will lead the daughter into a life of depravity? I’ve seen them on standard “Happy Birthday” and generic bakery cakes all the time. WTF is up these peoples’ backsides?

  16. says

    I think the bakery should be sued. Sure it is their right to refuse anyone (they are morons for doing it, but sure). However they have admitted to breaking child labour laws by having their young impressionable daughters working in their shop.What, they AREN’T there? So, how exactly will they be impressioned again?

  17. Haley says

    I also think it’s a shame because their young daughters ARE impressionable- now they have been exposed to their parent’s bigotry.

  18. says

    Just like many people hide behind a bigoted concept of god to justify their own bigotry these people are hiding behind their kids. They’re not concerned for the wellbeing of their children, they’re just bigoted douche-bags.

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