Touchdown Jesus is on fire!

A lot of storms have been moving through the Midwest today, and apparently the infamous Touchdown Jesus in Ohio hasn’t been spared God’s wrath.

The “King of Kings” statue in Monroe was struck by lightning on Monday and engulfed in flames, according to various reports. The statue of Jesus in Monroe, dubbed the King of Kings by the Solid Rock Church where it resides, was struck by lightning during the severe storms on Monday.

It was engulfed in flames.

Fire crews are on the scene now, and are attempting to put out the fire. The is made out of wood and Styrofoam, covered over a steel framework anchored in concrete. This is covered with a fiberglass mat and resin exterior. It is 62 feet high and weighs 16,000 pounds.

Part of me feels bad – I mean, I wouldn’t want my $500,000 property to be destroyed. On the other hand, there’s a certain amount of schadenfreude when a giant Jesus gets struck by lightning and destroyed. I mean, how many times have atheists suggested that God strike them with lightning if he was real, but he’s never delivered? I guess he’s annoyed by gaudy Christian art more than godless heathens.

…That being said, the first person to find a photo wins a million internet points. EDIT: Found!

(Hat tip to Mike)


  1. Natercakes says

    Well, since we were created (or not depending on ones view) with freedom of choice (rather one thinks it was given or just exsists) one must consider. To fathom a question like, “God/Jesus if your real then strike me with lightning.” Sounds more like a question for Zeus than for God or Jesus. To ask a question like that (lets use deity if you like that better) of a diety who is tought to be of love, then how can asking them to strike you with lightning prove anything? Idk, any deity requires faith. I used to be a Pagan. Anamist Pagan to be exact and I would have partitions (my spelling sucks) signed to bring crosses down and did everything I could to prove them wrong. All I have to say is that I have faith in God and Jesus because when I asked, my prayers were answered. I then asked, Why now? Why did you answer my prayers now instead of way back before my ex-wife cheated on me and left? Answer: Because I would not have gained strength or be were I am now if he did.The thing that needs to be understood about God is the one thing that every human, even me, hates to admit and understand. God’s timing. In a world where we want everything now because we know better than everone else…Anyways… I can’t prove God or his son Jesus exists, but I can prove that since I’ve followed him after 6 years of following paganism, 3 years of atheism, and more years of “searching”… my life has been going in the right direction by following Jesus.Does this mean my life has been perfect? No, because life happens… God gave us freedom of choice which means anyone can directly or indirectly effect our life without God having anything to do about it… but by following Jesus’s teachings… and having faith in God… we can get through it.3 Years sober of alchoholism, 4 years sober of drug abuse… and every day I thank God for being a Drug abusing Drunk because now I know where I never want to be again. Take this for what it’s worthOh, and btw. I hated Touch Down Jesus. The bible speaks against the building of such things. This is a good consideration in asking why it got struck. Maybe it was science, maybe it was a sign… but one thing is right. Maybe the church should stop wasting money on building things like that and spend it on helping others like Christ says they are supposed to do with their money.

  2. Katie says

    wow.. so many different views.. but I keep thinking, that once again God has sent Jesus to protect us. I live only a few miles from Solid Rock Church. There are also all kinds of hotels, and hospitals surrounding the area. Jesus took the beating so his people wouldn’t have to…. once again. Praise God.

  3. Blessed says

    I applaud you for staying with the word of God , and while either there or not was ok with me it was a symbol and if one person passed it and opened their minds about Jesus or even let them with a wanting to know this Jesus then it served it purpose. In the end it was just that a symbol of Jesus. May God continue to bless and keep you

  4. Slightly Annoyed.. says

    Well I see your athiest self is totally getting off on this story.. just had to blog it not even an hour or so after it happened. Btw it makes sense that it went up in flames, being made of styrofoam and wood. You being “scientific”, I wouldn’t call it destiny more than I would science and a poor choice in building materials. You want to take pleasure in the fact that these poor people have lost out on an entirely huge amount of money for something they believe in? If that’s a reflection of who you are then you’re not doing people of the like any favors. Unless your intentions were to come across as completely mean spirited, take your sarcasm and put it to better use.

  5. says

    Doh, I forgot, I should be *praising* people who waste a half a million dollars on an ugly flammable sculpture so they can show off how great they are instead of using it to help the poor or feed the hungry! Yeah, faith is AWESOME.Oops, there goes that sarcasm again.

  6. ummm... says

    ppl have had a lot of problems with that church..theyve questioned their beliefs from the get go..

  7. says

    I drove by him on Saturday heading up to Yellow Springs. Maybe I’ll be able to head up 75 for awhile without cringing or getting a sudden urge to make a big Styrofoam joint to put in his hand.

  8. Slightly Annoyed.. says

    Last time I checked, it’s a right to spend your money the way you choose. I’d like to know when this became not ok? Although I don’t think it was the best looking thing, I do know it was their choice. They want to spend money on a Big Butter Jesus, then so be it. Leave em alone. Besides that, as far as denouncing them as selfish, they’ve provided homes and education for more than 50 children in Brazil, as well as a refuge for local abused women. So yea, in my opinion, they’re pretty awesome Mrs. Sarcasm.

  9. James. says

    Hey numbnut, for 500k they could have provided a SHIT TON of housing for children in Brazil, for half a million dollars they could have provided a lot more than just 5 houses, hell for 500k, they could have provided 50 10k houses, which in that area would be equal to an upper class gated home in a prestigious neighborhood.

  10. Lori says

    So let me get this straight James: According to you, if you have a good amount of money, you should be spending it on the less fortunate, correct? So this means that if you own a house, or a car, you should instead take that money and give it to the less fortunate or you’re a piece of shit? Because I’m almost certain that makes you a piece of shit as well. I didn’t say it, you did.

  11. James. says

    And besides that, why spend money on people and children in Brazil when there are homeless right there in Monroe township and the surrounding area.Charity begins at home.Here is one for you, I am an ordained minister at the Solid Rock Church, avowed atheist since childhood, now 30 years old and yet I am STILL an ordained minister, I did it simply to show that to become ordained does not take any leap of faith, simply he ability to spout back what people want you to say.

  12. says

    Hilarious! “It’s a right to spend your money the way you choose.” But it’s not Jen’s right to make fun of it? You and logic don’t really get along, do you?

  13. James. says

    Actually that is not what I said in the least bit, but being religious you are very good at twisting what you read to conform to your own views.What I said was take that 500k that they spent to build that monstrosity (and not to mention a direct affront to the 2nd commandment) and actually put it to good use.I do not own a home, I rent, but I do give to local non-denominational charities, I recently lost my job (last Monday to be exact) and still donated to a local charity last Thursday because while I have lost my job and my car is on its last leg, and my children need clothes, I know there are others out there worse off than me. So I help where I can, 5 dollars wont kill me, but it will help someone else.But good strawman/slippery slope there, got a 2 for 1 in a single argument, I think you can win something for that.

  14. James. says

    Pk, make up your mind, cheese or bland cracker and wine… wait a minute, this dude is a freaking party tray, I should invite him for the next party we have.Cheese, crackers, wine and hilarious ghost stories. Should be a hit!

  15. says

    That’s right, I forgot. Jesus died to satisfy his father’s vengeful wrath. And now he is taking lightning strikes to save middle class folks while millions of other people are dying from dire living conditions and disease…. Yes, praise god!

  16. Cld9grrl says

    I get so sick of the “charity begins with home” crap. Yes, there are people who need it here. Badly. And there are people who are helping, fortunately. But if it begins with home, who’s going to help the countries who have next to no source of income?? These places depend on us for a lot. And it’s good that there are people willing to reach out. As far as the fact that you are an “ordained Minister” at the Solid Rock church: I’m a little ify on whether or not I believe that more than I believe in you wanting to make a point. And if so, if you are a certified Athiest spreading the word of God, that does nothing but enforce! Yes, that makes total sense.

  17. says

    Wrong! You should be sending all your money to the church! They now need to build and even BIGGER styrofoam Jesus! Otherwise, how will the lowly sheep know who it is that’s saving them? (Until it’s destroyed again, by water or wind or something.)

  18. Cld9grrl says

    Last time I checked, yes, it’s definately a right to be an asshole. There’s never a shortage in that department as evidenced here.

  19. Natercakes says

    Your comparing a statue to somthing as usefull and needed as a car and a house to live in and get you to work? Really? Let’s compair your DVD’s to global warming whyll were at it… Dosn’t make sence does it…You are truly blind if you think spending 500k on a statue was justified. IT IS WRITTEN in the BIBLE that a church is NOT to spend money on DECORATIONS and USELESS things and instead to spend it on helping the needy and comunity and fellowship in need ONLY! Of course there are expenses the church has to keep the doors open but that is understood. It was explained in the letters written to the churches.James, hold the name calling if your going to argue christ. Slightly annoyed, I’m not sure what your beliefs are in Jesus but we are taught as christians in the bible not to spend money as a church on a statue and things like that. Cars and HOuses and food… those are nessesities… as a church they should have spend the money on getting cars for people around here even… or houses in brazil like james said… anything but somthing useless…The point is you can argue that the statue had good intentions all you want… but flat out the bible speaks against the building of such things. So, instead of arguing with me about rather or not it had good pourpose, try telling God that what is written in the bible is wrong. I can say that getting drunk helps me fit in with the other drunks so I can reach out to them but it still says getting drunk is wrong. I could go into a strip club and try to preach to the girls stripping after they are done but I’m still not supposed to go into one period… and yes it is the same thing. you can’t take somthing from the bible that we are not supposed to do and justify it.

  20. Nickelking says

    I just realized, if his blood is wine…. I think I just figured out how he did that magic trick at the wedding. Jesus is a cutter.

  21. James. says

    No moron, (Natercakes, I am not name calling, just calling it as I see it), I never said I preach the word of god, to become ordained with them you need only follow a course, turn in the work and pay the money, at which point your ordained, obviously they do not care of you actually believe, just that you pay the the 250 dollars and spout back the words they ask you to.As for charity beginning at home, your completely wrong, how can one competently nurture and manage those who need help if oneself is not fully taken care of?

  22. Isabeu says

    A) if you take care of things at home, then there are more people in a good position to help others, and the benefits can radiate outward, and things can actually be accomplished. Right now most efforts are a patch job, at best. Also, he never said that he “spread the word” Just that he did what it took to be ordained there. But hell, if you want to read into a statement, find things that are not there, and then based on your assumptions and predetermined agenda shout out half truths as gospel (wait… this is starting to sound familiar), I guess that’s your prerogative.

  23. Cld9grrl says

    Why do you assume I’m religious? Did I once defend their religion? No sir, I defended their right to freedom of choice. You can’t tell someone what to do with their money especially when they’ve devoted so much to the greater good. And one thing you won’t find me doing is trying to defend something that can’t be proven. In the end it’s a complete waste of energy. I also find your responses fairly convenient. In one, you are an ordained minister. In the other you are halfway homeless. My advice to you is to get some help from the Solid Rock church you work for. I’m sure they can help you out.

  24. James. says

    Interesting, I cannot respond to your post that asks why I assume your religious.If your not, then why are you defending a church whose internal moral principle is to teach people to be “soldiers for christ”?I am not halfway homeless, I have enough in my bank to cover two months worth of rent, and a small portion of my bills for about a month, after that, then yes, I will be homeless if I cannot find a job that can sustain us.As for the church, I would not be able to be helped by the church, I would refuse to pray with them or to even pretend that what they preach is real, I simply cannot help further an agenda that I believe is detrimental to the mental health of society.And besides, I live in Washington state now, as far as I know there are no branches up here for the solid rock church, though there is unfortunately a mega church just down the road from us.

  25. Cld9grrl says

    You asked “How can oneself competently nurture and manage those who need help if oneself is not fully taken care of?” Are we talking about taking care of ourselves or what? Because I thought we were talking about taking care of others. To say that children in other countries don’t need help is ludicrous. The US is the one of the most well taken care of and spoiled countries in the world! And who’s taking care of the people that have no where to start? I dunno, screw em, who cares!PS: The name calling isn’t getting your name across any faster..

  26. John Small Berries says

    Amen! As Jesus said (Matthew 19:20-22), “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast; and take that which thou receivest in return for thy goods and spend it on a giant styrofoam statue of Me, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”

  27. James. says

    “PS: The name calling isn’t getting your name across any faster..”Says the person who called the post author as asshole.And i think you meant “getting your POINT across”.Hence the prophetic moron comment.Can a doctor competently care for you if they themselves are sick?Can a mechanic competently fix your car if they never worked on a vehicle before?And on and on.If we are to be effective at helping others we must first make sure that there are no issues without own own.Can you tell me you honestly think it would be a good thing to send a nameless faceless person in another country money that you had planned to use for food for your own children? Lets make sure those that we don’t know are taken care of while we ourselves starve to death, that does not sound like sound logic to me. Once we are whole and self sufficient then, and only then, can we possibly help others, until then, as Isabeu so eloquently put it, everything is a bandaid, at best.

  28. Bunny Rose says

    Slightly Annoyed should change his name to Slightly Annoying. He could even get away with dropping the Slightly.

  29. Cld9grrl says

    First of all, I refuse to argue religion here and what’s right and what’s wrong. No one can prove anything. I’m simply defending one’s right to spend money the way they want to. Do I think it’s ludicrous to put a monstrousity like that right by the highway? Yes. But in my opinion, these people thought they were doing something good. Maybe they misinterpretted the Bible, I don’t know. Maybe God did strike it down because it was blasphemy. Who knows. All I’m saying is I kind of feel bad for these people who I really believe were doing something good in their eyes, and that’s kind of sad. Second, to say that it’s wrong to help people in other countries because people need help here as well, is well, wrong. They all need help and to make that a right and wrong issue just doesn’t make sense to me to be honest.

  30. Cld9grrl says

    James (or whoever you are),Your logic is killing me. If what you say is true, that we should first help ourselves before we help others, then why were you so persistant in trying to convince me that even though you just lost your job and you can barely care for your kids, that you still give to charity? You’re really contradicting yourself and I think you need to take your own advice.And yes, oh wise one, I did mean “getting your POINT across” So glad you cleared that up, but the Moron comment was made before I said that..

  31. Cld9grrl says

    You’re right Bunny. Good thing I’m done for the night, you don’t have to read my comments anymore.

  32. guest says

    the argument you are having is dumb and this is why are country is falling apart. you are arguing over a huge statue, of Jesus, that unfortunately has been struck by lightning, and burnt to the ground. It was the church’s decision to spend the money in this way on this particular statue, as I am sure the churches members, who most likely donated the money chose this endeavor. James is unemployed in a country with no jobs, and huge issues facing it, yet you are bickering on which charity he should give to, whether it be at home or in another country, needy people are needy people. Maybe if you had a heart, you would offer James some help, at least he said he will be seeking employment, unlike so many in this country that are unwilling to seek it, and milk off the system. We have a huge national disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, where oil is gushing at who knows what rate. This argument seems to be how this country is being ran, lots of stupid meaningless discussions over absolutely nothing, and certainly nothing that is going to bring anything positive into a bad situation. So continue arguing over something so meaningless, because no solutions ever come from people such as yourselves. You just like to hear yourselves talk, you feel important that way,

  33. Cld9grrl says

    And people like you, who insist it is dumb, continue to read it and get their panties in a bunch over nothing..

  34. James. says

    Slightly annoyed, I posted my name clearly, its James. What in the world do you mean by “or whoever you are”?I am not surprised logic is killing you, apparently you rarely use it.As stated, the 5 dollars I gave to help out, would in no way make or break me, it was 5 dollars in cash in my wallet which had been there for a couple of months, I rarely carry cash.So as far as my bank account was concerned that was simply not there, and come rent time, it wont make a difference.And your right, the moron comment was made before your error, hence again, the reason I said prophetic, as in I saw it coming.Try to keep up.Trolling is fun.

  35. DaNgErOuS says

    50 children???? Do you know how rich the pastor of that church is, actually, there are two of them now, as if one wasn’t enough. The man owns a huge ranch about five miles away with a huge stable and a house so big it would probably topple small holiday inn. Don’t get me wrong, if 50 people are being helped, then that’s awesome, but that church could have done so much more with $500,000 than build a huge foam idol that was going to be the fuel to a conflagration later down the road. I just know when I go by that church I always laugh at the people that are around me who say “I’ve been to that church.” or “I wish I went there.” It makes me want to strangle them because I know that a lot of the people go to that church or only want to go there because it has something that looks cool. Christianity is nooooot about how nice or expensive and pretty the choir’s robes are or how many people are in the congregation. It’s about following Jesus, not following the guy that looks cool. It’s like high school all over again, everyone follows the cool guy, when really, the nerds are the ones that are on to something. I know that by actually following Jesus and not the cool looking statue and the giant church on tv, that I am one of the nerd. I may not be too well off now, neither were Jesus and his disciples, but in the end, I know I am going to be the one who is the kid that comes back at the high school reunion who is a big success and look at all the “cool kids” that are fat failures that still think they are cool. I don’t care how cool my church is or how much money it makes, I just care about why I am there and know that I am doing the best thing for me. My worst day following Jesus is better than my best day without Him. Try to go a whole day saying “There is no God.” I guarantee it will be one crappy day.

  36. James. says

    Past 23 years have been pretty good to me, beautiful wife, two adorable kids, a pretty cool cat for a pet, minus a few bumps due to the economy and mismanagement of my previous company I am happy.And I have been saying there is no god every day.

  37. Audra says

    Actually, I go every day saying that there is no god and every day I life gets better and better, even though we aren’t at our best right now. I am happier living my life for my family and myself rather than for an invisible sky man that i should fear and do his bidding just so i don’t burn for eternity.

  38. Toadslick says

    Guilty joy, indeed. I’m surprised that I never looked at a photo of that statue before without thinking that it might function like two lightning rods.Oh well. I’m sure that they’ll just start a separate collection fund (or the televangelist equivalent) to rebuild the Jesus statue, and the gullible will fork over their hard-earned pay.

  39. James. says

    Well they had planned to refurbish it anyway, they wil take this as a sign that god wants them to build it bigger and better this time they can use lumber and cover it with match heads, should be a lot less combustible.

  40. DaNgErOuS says

    Invisible sky man??? I’d rather praise a man that did wonders in his literally perfect lifetime than be a godless heathen that has absolutely nothing to look forward to after our very short time on earth. I know that when I get to the judgement day, I don’t want to be the one that goes to hell because I decided to go with the laws of science and logic. Get real, there are so many things that humans will never be able to explain and I know the perfect answer. Find Jesus, he isn’t there to make a mockery of you

  41. Lori says

    Btw Jen, I’m not an angry Christian like you assumed I was which you just HAD to tweet. I’m neither Athiest nor religious, but I do consider myself spiritual. If you want to deride that as well go ahead. I guess it’s in your nature to scoff at anyone who doesn’t share your opinion. I understand you have a strong hate for people who believe in God, but don’t use me as fuel to your fire.

  42. Jen (but not the blogger Jen) says

    I am pretty sure this argument is not, in fact, the reason why ‘are country’ is falling apart.Just guessin’.

  43. James. says

    And you know jesus had a literally perfect life right, can you tell me exactly what he did from the age of 12 to the age of 30?Yea didn’t think so.and know you do not “know”, you cannot know, it is impossible to know, it is an unknown situation in which the current FACTS support that there is nothing there.If it makes you “feel” better to believe, then by all means do so, but don’t get upset when people point at you and laugh because you are talking to your invisible friend.Oh and just an FYI.If the only reason you believe is so you don’t go to hell, then you have completely missed the point and in fact according to scripture your the type of person that god despises.And finally, why do I have to find jesus? Is he lost?

  44. Isabeu says

    Tell you what, take that heap of faith and that disregard for logic and go jump off the nearest cliff. I’m sure that the logical outcome of you falling to your death if a foolish thing to buy into.

  45. Audra says

    Yes, “he” is a man, in the sky, whom you cannot see. Therefore Invisible sky man.Did wonders during his perfect lifetime? You have to be kidding me right? I prefer not to believe in fairy tales thank you.You silly christians need to put a leash on your “savior” you sure do lose him a lot.

  46. Stephan Goodwin says

    From the local paper:<img src=”*NxJdtOlurM6D1BTKqAMbplj3JG-TzWeKUXf7X4iv/whats_left_of_jesus_709929g.jpg”>

  47. Guest says

    Watch the video!

    The down side of this is 16,000 pounds of Styrofoam burning ~a mile from my house. It was a hell of a storm!

  48. sheesh... says

    styrofoam?!?man, whatever happened to marble and granite? say what you will about the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, et al, at least they understood craftsmanship and durability when it came to their idolatrous religious practices.

  49. Lori says

    James, what were you up all night making sure you got the last word in? Why are you so angry? Why does it annoy you so much that people don’t share the same opinion as you? You’re wasting a lot of energy making sure to back up something that, all in all, no matter what belief you share, can’t be proved. Give it up.

  50. says

    I agree whole hearted with what you said and in loving way you gave your testimony. Praise God for what he has done in your life (and now mine by getting to hear your story!) I do have one comment though about something you said because it struck a chord with me. Not because I disagreed with it, but because it is true.You mentioned that people should start spending their money on helping other people instead of building stuff like this. – I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AGREE!Except this is what I see. I see a LOT of people posting this same comment – even people who I have never heard speak one word of Jesus any other time yet right now, this very day and for the past two weeks I and some members of my church have been trying to raise funds to get to Africa to help with the child slavery issue on Lake Volta and to help single mothers find other alternatives to selling their children.We are asking for everyone to donate ONE DOLLAR – you know how many confirmed people we have so far? (it runs on facebook) – 60!!!!Praise God for those 60 because most of them will donate more than one dollar but still. Here is an opportunity and all it takes is one dollar – people will not even think about giving a dollar away to some charity at their local fast food restaurant or they will throw some change in any random jug at a gas station and not even really know if the money is helpingYet here is an opportunity to really get to see their money at work and it’s like pulling teeth to get people to respond.I know God will provide, but I just had to vent and also use this forum to ask people that really feel the way you and I do to prayerfully consider searching facebook for something known as “Fundraiser4Freedom” – if God doesn’t want you to give then don’t but please read the description we have put, search the websites that show you who we are working with and what we will be doing. Help us help others please! Because I GUARANTEE YOU that there will be a huge fundraiser for this statue and it will be rebuilt – meanwhile for less than a couple hundred dollars we can probably get a child out of slaveryPlease consider this and thank you for anything you can do

  51. says

    Hmm.. makes you wonder, if people in the area start dying of cancer from all the carcinogens released into the air, would they be able to launch a class-action suit against the church?

  52. Alexrkr7 says

    How moronic are you planning on being? “strong hate” are you joking? I’m going to ignore the fact that you called yourself spiritual (which is a nonsense word with no real definition) and focus on your constant strawman arguments. I’ve seen 6 through skimming your comments so either you’re really not to bright or incredibly dishonest. Either way you seem pretty trolltastic. And stop acting as though you’re high and mighty as you came here and have made numerable insults to the blog host and the commenters. “opinion” is not really the correct word to use when dealing with objective reality so no opinions aren’t scoffed at, illogical beliefs concerning reality are scoffed at. More importantly the way the person arrived there is scoffed at. Judging by your complete lack of critical thinking and self-examination skills I’m going to assume it’s that which brought you to all the ridiculous conclusions that you’ve expressed here.If the number of logical fallacies one employs to support their argument were a good sniff test to what their beliefs are, you’d be the equivalent to a young earth creationist at this point. Oh, and don’t think being “spiritual” is any better or sound than being religious, as it can run the same gambit from naive sheep to batshit crazy.

  53. Shawn says

    Alex, it seems as though “Slightly Annoyed” has really got you upset, which makes you “trolltastic” in and of itself. I believe the definition of trolling is “Getting a rise out of someone. Making comments that forces them to respond to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness. Just as bad as trolling is “Feeding the Trolls”. This is when people say stuff that will prompt someone to respond with a trolled reply and/or replying to comments that are blatantly from a troll. This is especially true when a troll first makes his comment/reply, and (usually many) people respond, either trying to correct the troll, or express anger at the statement. At that point, the trolling was successful and has been fed. When encouraged by success and feeding, trolls often return.” Keep arguing, you’re only feeding the fire.

  54. says

    methinks your handle should be more appropriately ‘slightly annoying’.You clearly don’t understand the concept of the blogosphere. This is jens blog, not yours. Yes, you have a right to criticize, but not to give directives about how she (or the rest of us) would be better off by directing our energies in a different direction. Did you call the church after they erected a $500K idol and explain to them that idolatry is a sin and jesus counseled to give money to the poor?No, instead you rant of a blog of little consequence (sorry jen) rather than putting your criticism “to better use” by pointing out the blatant (yet typical) hypocrisy of right wing christian conservatives. And as for you claiming _not_ to be a right wing fundie? I call BULLSHIT.

  55. says

    no one cares what your definition of trolling is, shawn. Do us a favor, try and stay on topic. so far you’ve only posted claiming audrey was dumb and alex is troll-feeding, yet no position one way or the other on the OP.who’s the trolling douchebag?

  56. Shawn says

    Let’s see, stay on topic: Namecalling. Ok, you called me a shitbag and I was about to call you a self righteous left winged douchefuck yourself. Get over it, it’s not that serious.

  57. Megan says

    I would like to point out that both James and Slightly Annoyed are right about the helping the less fortunate. It is good and necessary that we help those less fortunate than ourselves in our own area, but it is also necessary for us to help those in need in other places who have no means to help themselves. I feel that those who go overseas to do charity work have a true gift given to them that allows them to be able to do so. For the rest of us though, there is no reason why we should not be donating or helping to support those in our own area.

  58. Megan says

    Just for the record, there is a gospel that is not a part of the bible’s cannon that tells the story of how Jesus got angry at his best friend and killed him when he was 5… and then Mary got angry at him and he resurrected his friend. I believe the work is called the Gospel of Thomas, but I am not 100% on that. It was on the History Channel in any case if you’d like to double check my argument.

  59. Megan says

    I agree that it is a very useless conversation, but you have to admit that it does hold great entertainment value. Could their time (and mine as well) be spent more effectively? Of course, but as they both have said, humans are allowed to make their own choices.

  60. Megan says

    Wow… it looks so much better without all the styrofoam…. sort of like an almost good modern art sculpture…

  61. phatmoofish says

    just to add…your Big Butter Jesus that you admire sooooo much, was funded from having cocaine shoved up horses asses! the solid rock church was built and funded in that nature! you mean to tell me, that building a gaint-flammable Jesus was the absolute BEST way to spend those funds! Really, there was NOT a better way of helping people that to build a monstrosity of Jesus…how about helpin people and children all over the world that need homes and food! And might i add…..THEY ARE GOING TO REBUILD JESUS! ..what a waste of money! i know …maybe Rev Bishop and the solid rock chuch could contribute to a “save the animal fund”…considering all the cocaine they have had shoved up their asses to help Mr Bishop!…

  62. Metal_Warrior says

    Never thought I’d find you to use a German word in this context – is there actually no English word for “Schadenfreude” that fits here? Malicious joy or something? :DDespite the word – if God exists, he has a beautiful faible for sarcasm :D

  63. Rockingrora says

    I live in Ohio, and I’ve seen Touchdown Jesus. Personally i applauded when I heard it burnt

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