It’s the end of the world as we know it

My dad just called me up. Apparently our cell phone plan owed him money, and instead of going through the pain of getting rebates and crap mailed to him six weeks from now, he remembered how I mentioned being able to check email from my phone would be cool, so he added mobile internet to my cell phone plan. Now not only can I check my email, but I can check facebook, google things, wikipedia things, update my blog whenever a random thought pops in my head…

Aaaannddd all productivity for this summer has been significantly decreased. Good for you guys, though!

Just be happy I have a qwerty keyboard on my phone. If I ever do make a random phone post, it won’t be in 1337 speak or full of typos.


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    I don’t know people survivie without an iPhone (or blackberry or whatever).

    Knowing that I can update my facebook status from anywhere at anytime just fills me with a warm feeling inside.

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