Highest number of judicial executions in 25 years

Though more and more countries are abandoning this barbaric method of punishment, it is shocking to know that in 2015 a record number of people were killed by judicial executions throughout the World.

According to Amnesty International at least 1634 persons were killed by judiciary in 2015, a figure which excludes China. It is believed that China executes maximum number of people but no data is available publicly. The sharpest rise in execution was in Pakistan were a moratorium on death penalty was lifted last year following the Islamist terror attack in a school.


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Hello there

Hi everyone ,

I am a little overwhelmed at being selected to blog here. Trying to get used to it -:

Let me introduce myself. I am from India. When not blogging  or trying to propagate a rational world view in the Indian society both online and offline , I work as a doctor practicing medicine 8-10 hours a day , 6 days a week in a small town in the south of the country.

My posts here will be mostly about issues faced by freethinkers in India , about its religions, politics, threats to scientific temper and secularism , gender , caste  etc. I may also write about world politics , science , clinical medicine , pseudo science and anything that I find interesting.

Opinions I express here are just drafts , which can be edited and altered if there are strong evidence to back such a change. So I welcome discussions in a civil manner so that all of us can reach a logical , rational , evidence based view points on most issues.

A word about blog title. Many would be wondering what is this Nastik in the title. Nastik means atheist in many of the Indian languages.

So bye for now and HAPPY READING !