But what was she wearing ?

If you want to do something to reduce or end sexual harassment in workplaces you can help in the making of this documentary film based on this subject. The film titled “But what was she wearing ” is looking for funding from public.

Chennai-based Vaishnavi Sundar defines herself as an independent filmmaker, writer, theatre actor and social justice activist.

She has been making films for the past five years, with a focus on gender issues. She’s also the founder of Lime Soda Films, which makes grassroots films on social issues and documentaries.

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Currently, Vaishnavi is crowdfunding a documentary on sexual harassment at the workplace, a complex issue that has gained media and public attention after certain high profile cases made it to the headlines.

Titled But what was she wearing?, the documentary, Vaishnavi says, will look at sexual harassment at the workplace that women who live in south India experience.

“This doesn’t mean that all the women will be south Indians. For example, I want to look at how North Eastern women are targeted when they travel to other states and work there. I don’t have to shoot in the North East for this…it makes more sense to talk to those who work here,” points out Vaishnavi.

One more day to contribute. So please hurry and help Vaishnavi and team in this great venture.

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