Only thing good about BREXIT is ….

Only thing good about poll data from yesterday’s UK referendum that voted to exit EU was this.


Almost 75% of the very young voted to remain and the exit vote went on decreasing from the very old to very young.

So the youth it seems is less hyper nationalist and welcome a  more diverse globalised world.

Will another referendum in 10 years time change the result ?


  1. says

    10 years? Based on some of the reactions by astonished Leave voters who didn’t expect Leave to win and those who are shocked at the dive the economy took, they could probably do it in 10 days.

  2. Siobhan says

    I noticed that too. I’m hoping in a decade or two we’ll see more governments prioritizing humanitarian aid over chest pounding and interventionism. Canada is already leaning in that direction; hopefully it keeps going.

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