The Art of … Caine, Again

Surprise! It’s another unfinished painting by Caine, sent in by her husband, Dakota Grease Monkey

Another unfinished artwork by C, directly painted on a wall, circa 2006. About 20″ X 20″, ( .5 X .5 meters).
I don’t know if C ever shared these works, but it’s time to share, now.

untitled portrait, ©Caine, all rights reserved.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    She looks very focused. I wonder what she’s doing.

    Thank you Dakota Grease Monkey for letting us see these!

  2. dakotagreasemonkey says

    Everybody is certainly welcome! The house is filled with her, and she only liked to show the best. She was easily distracted, as any true artist is, and wouldn’t show unfinished art. So, there is stuff she never had the incentive to finish, yet the base art is excellent (My opinion).
    There is more to come!

  3. Tethys says

    Wonderful! I’ve seen some of her drawn right on the wall art, and look forward to more.

    She inspired me to be bold with my art. I HAVE drawn on my walls and am currently mulling the next project that will be drawn right on the wall. I don’t consider myself an artist yet, but I certainly have the distractable/ten different ideas being worked out thing down pat.

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