1. StevoR says

    Beautiful but reminds me of our burnt Aussie forests with yellow and black trees and bare ground.

    Hopefully ours are just dormant too.

    Some of course will be reseeders rather than resprouters. Already seeing some regen in our vegetation and most of our fires now out.

    Ice rather than fire? Yeah, I’d prefer that.

  2. Nightjar says

    Just a pretty picture today.

    What do you mean, “just” :)

    It’s one those pictures that makes me come back just to stare at it. Really beautiful.


    StevoR, I hope the forests around you recover well and free of invasive species. Acacias are taking over some of the forests that burned here in 2017, the pine trees that were there before did leave seeds but slow growing pines have no chance against Acacia longifolia. It’s kind of sad to see.

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