Plant Portraits

Opus has a new philosophy for photographing flowers and the result is stunning. I couldn’t be more delighted to share them with all of you.

…the spring and early summer has been very good for macro plant photography.  I have started thinking of these as plant portraits, rather than just macro photography. …Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.  

Clover, ©Opus, all rights reserved

Wild Carrot, ©Opus, all rights reserved


  1. rq says

    Oh yes, lovely! I think portraits is a good way to name them, they seem to show a depth of character. Also looking forward to more!

  2. opus says

    I used multiple lights, not flash, and a black background. For these it was five Ott lights plus the indirect room lights and possibly natural light. All the lights are 4000K.
    The five lights are evenly spaced around the subject, in front.
    The portraits are created using 50-75 separate photos taken with a focus rail. I use Helicon software l, which takes the in-focus parts of each photo and creates a composite in which the entire plant is in focus.
    If you are interested I can add more details about the process.

  3. says

    Thanks for the info
    Unfortunately I know zero about post production. I absolutely love photography, but apart from the whole thing being digital, I still shoot like it’s 1986

  4. voyager says

    Your photos are gorgeous and I would like to know more about the process. I’d be happy to publish anything you’d like to send in because I’m sure other people are also interested.

  5. Nightjar says

    Wow, these are wonderful! I especially love the wild carrot, it does have a lot of character.

    I’ve been wanting to experiment with focus stacking for ages. Maybe this summer I’ll give it a try.

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