A Year Long Journey

Thanks for everyone’s kind thoughts, the antibiotics seem to be doing something, though everything I’ve read about pertussis includes the warning that the coughing fits can last up to 3 months (depending on the source – shortest I’ve heard is 10 weeks, in China apparently they call it the “100-day cough”). So I’m not looking forward to that, because in about 3 weeks I have a big conference (in Madrid!) where I have presenting responsibilities and I was hoping the “long cough” (as it is called in Latvian) wouldn’t be quite so long…

However, I am looking forward to discovering more art like A Year Long Journey by Ryo Takemasa. Only one example, you must visit the site to see more:


  1. voyager says

    I really like the minimalist graphic art style this artist uses. He gives you very structured and ordered landscape with a large perspective that sets the viewer above and apart. The bright colours he uses are somewhat reminiscent of comic book art only punched up a bit.

    I’m glad the antibiotics are helping, rq. Perhaps the Dr. could give you an antitussive with a bit of codeine for when you’re in Madrid. I’d test it out before the conference because it could make you a bit sleepy, but likely not. It might help you manage your presenting duties.
    God damned anti-vaxxers. I’m pretty sure we have laws in Ontario that prevent unvaccinated kids from going to school. I think that should be the law everywhere.

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