Jack’s Walk

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Hooray, it’s snowing! It’s a light snow, but it seems to be sticking so we may get a white Christmas after all. I don’t know why that matters to me, but it does. I love waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a blanket of white outside my window.  Perhaps because it brings back so many happy memories of my childhood like slogging through the snow with my dad looking for the perfect tree to chop down and bring home. We’d struggle to tie the tree to the top of  the car and when we got home mom would have hot chocolate waiting with homemade cookies of all sorts that we’d been forbidden to eat until now. We’d decorate the tree and sing Christmas songs and mom would tell the story of each ornament as is went on the tree. Christmas snow meant getting all bundled up to go tobogganing or build a snowman or falling backwards again and again to make angels on the lawn. Snow meant the long drive to my grandparents house in a wee Volkswagon Beetle packed to the rafters with gifts was fraught with adventure and a few German curses along the way that always made me laugh. Snow was an essential part of this Canadian girl’s Christmas season and when I was young a green Christmas was almost unheard of. That’s changed now thanks to climate change, so much so that having snow on Christmas is exceptional. That’s why I’m hoping the snow will stick. Please.


  1. jrkrideau says

    Not enough snow yet.
    As of late afternoon 24 Dec. it looks like a white Christmas. We have a light dusting of snow and the weather report says says -3 and sunny for Christmas.

    My sympathy for our readers in the South who have to put up with high temperatures and beach parties.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    No white stuff here in Chiwaukee, and the only precipitation the 5-day forecast show is rain on Thursday (high 50℉, 10℃). Still better than last year at this time with its extended frigid conditions (0-10 ℉, -12- -5 ℃). Highest heating bill I’ve had at this site, which is 30 years.

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