1. rq says

    No touchy!
    Inspiration? Or accidental real-world reflection of your own thorny art?

  2. StevoR says

    This is one plant I really don’t want to get a grip on.

    Great photo which makes me move my hands away fast.

  3. Nightjar says

    Oh I love this photo! Sharp in both meanings of the term. :)
    This also reminds me that I have both of my legs and hands all scratched because I’m an idiot. Last Sunday I decided I had to get to a loquat tree in an abandoned vineyard my mother inherited. The vines have long been replaced by wild blackberries, tall and full of thorns. And, again because I’m an idiot, I went through them with only a pruning shear and a scythe, and worst of all, no gloves. I have a wedding next Saturday, there’s a part of me thinking maybe I should care about the state of my legs and hands… but whatever.

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