1. Nightjar says

    Oh, what an amazing spider! Great shot, rq! I’d say it’s doing an excellent job at blending in despite not being white, it kind of resembles the center of the flower at its right.

  2. says

    I recognize that spider! They are very small. Your cherry flowers look just like our wild plum flowers.

  3. Nightjar says

    I’ve never seen it. It’s distinctive enough that a quick search with its characteristics led me to an ID, seems to be a cucumber green spider:

    This species occurs in the Palaearctic. It is widespread in north-western and central Europe, in Turkey, and in Central Asia to China and Korea. It can also be found in parts of North America, where it was probably introduced.

    Ah, that explains it. I’ve never seen it and I will never see it without traveling.

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