Jack’s Walk

The sky is dull today, but it’s about 12° and calm. Jack went for a swim today at the dam. Once the water warms up a bit I won’t let him swim here anymore because this water gets a lot of algae. Good thing Jack likes it cold.

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  1. Ice Swimmer says

    I like how the sunshine is reflected on the water.

    As a kid I loved watching water flow over a dam or through a floodgate. It also puzzled me why the water sometimes flowed and at other times didn’t. I remember being disappointed in Tampere once as there was almost no water going over the power station dam in Tammerkoski like there had been at the previous time.

  2. Nightjar says

    Beautiful photo.

    I’ve always been kind of fascinated by dams. Navigating through one in an almost 30 meters deep lock a few years ago was quite an experience.

  3. voyager says

    Ice Swimmer, our little dam is used mostly for flood control and most of the time there is no water going over.

    Nightjar, what a big adventure that must have been!

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    I have one further childhood memory of a dam.

    This one time I was with my grandma and mom when they were washing carpets* at the place where grandma grew up and where grandma’s younger brother still lived, working as a farmhand.

    There was a dam in a small river and the sauna and a jetty (usable for washing carpets) were at the shore of the little lake above of the dam. There was a gravel road from the main courtyard of the manor to the sauna and from there on the cottage in which grandma had grown up.

    The water that went over the dam went to this concrete tunnel, high enough for a man to walk in, that was under the road. I had heard that grandma, mom, my aunts and uncle had all played in the tunnel as kids and someone actually went there with me the first time I went there. It was a fun place for a kid on nice, sunny summer’s day. There wasn’t that much water on the bottom, but a curtain of roaring water was flowing over the dam at the end of the tunnel and one could take a good “shower” there. Grandma and mom were able to wash the carpets without me disturbing them all the time.

    * = Grandma’s brother had probably fetched us as well as the carpets from our summer cottage with his little Fiat car. It’s also possible that the thing had overheated and started boiling the coolant as it was warm and the car must have been full of people and carpets.

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