“I read the whole book!”

Jim Bakker is yelling up a storm, again. Did you know that impeach means kill? Me neither.

“They want Trump in prison,” he said. “I thought we had an America that we were supposed to have an election and then start working together. We have an almost anti-American spirit going on.”

:Snort: The republican definition of working together: “Do everything our way, or we’ll have a yuuuuuge tantrum!” Y’know, Jim, a lot of people thought “we’ll have an election, then start working together” when Pres. Obama was first elected. Funny how there was no ‘working together’ on the conservative side. I remember assholes hollering birtherism, screaming for impeachment, etc. Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, we’re supposed to all get along?

If the Tiny Tyrant has committed crimes, then yes, he belongs in prison. Right now, I’d be happy enough with his eviction from the white house. An eviction notice shouldn’t shock him, he’s certainly served enough of them to others.

Bakker’s guest, Sharon Gilbert, agreed, saying that “Washington, D.C., seems to be the black heart of this terrible spiritual movement” because the city is filled with “men and women who serve our enemy, the enemy of Yahweh,” which is proof that opposition to Trump is “occult in nature.”

The only thing that’s proof of is word salad exists. Oh, so everyone in the resistance has to be occult now? How embarrassing, I don’t even have black candles. I do have a fabulous cloak, but it’s not black. :scribbles shopping list: I have my Ghost playlist on right now though!

“How can we want to kill a president who is trying to save America’s babies?” Bakker asked.

Who’s talking about killing him? I want him impeached. I’ve been very good, I haven’t even muttered darkly about the lack of assassins these days. Really. Let’s not pretend that all you assholes intent on ruling over all the bodies of those who can get pregnant is brand new, and some grand idea of the Tiny Tyrant’s. You’ve been working on that for decades now. There’s nothing at all wrong with ‘America’s’ babies. Most of them are just fine. All the zygotes and embryos, those are none of your business. It would be nice if you shit stirring hypocrites would pay attention to ‘America’s’ babies. Lots of families out there who could use help. Lots of hungry kids who need nutritious food. Food deserts need to be addressed. The foster system needs a reworking, and there are always lots and lots and lots of kids who need homes. There’s all manner of good works you could be doing, but no.

“Come on Christians, you had better wake up! Because the church is very sound asleep over this thing and judgment will come. I’ve read the book [the Bible]—I didn’t just read the end of the book, I read the whole book.

Which christians? Which church? The bible is made up of little ‘books’, and it’s not an Agatha Christie mystery, you dumbfuck. I have read the bible, cover to cover, more than one version. Because there are a number of versions, y’know. Did you read all the books in the Douay-Rheims? Because those are missing in the version you most likely read (KJV). Have you read the annotated SAB? You can get a lovely hardcover version of it. It has all manner of inconvenient notes and questions. Well, inconvenient to christians. There’s always some judgment or other, Jehovah is an asshole supreme. And, it appears he’s been sound asleep for thousands of years now, so that’s a rather empty attempt at a threat. You folks can’t even pray up a burning bush.

All of you asses are getting to be beyond boring. Why don’t you start up Sortes Sacrae again! That would be fun. :Gets out bible: Hmmm, 3 times gives me: The house, their horses they shall find none. Okay, it might take you a while to come up with something good, but hey, it will keep you busy. Okay, I just had to do it again, and 3 times gave me: Why respect this wisdom? Hee.

Judgment always comes when you mock God, when you curse God and we’ve cursed God in this country.”

So you keep saying. People keep mocking, or worse, giving an indifferent shrug to your nonsense and your psychopathic god. Nothing’s happened yet that is not our own doing. I’m much more concerned about the Tiny Idiot King getting his little fingers on a certain button than I am with your imaginary god. Which would be one reason I want him impeached. See how that works?

There’s video at RWW.


  1. says

    “They want Trump in prison,” he said.

    “Lock her up!”

    I wonder if you have to have your self-awareness glands removed to become a conservative.

    I want him impeached.

    Granted I’m Canadian so make of this what you will, but I’m not so sure about this anymore. First there is the Pence argument where he could be just as dangerous to your rights, if not more, particularly because he would be a lot more competent than Donald even by something as simple as being able to keep his mouth shut and being able to work with the party.

    Then on top of that Tuesday happened. Because he’s able to keep his mouth shut, would Pence be this energizing to the Democrats and the left? One of the biggest issues the US is facing is Republican control at the state level and the “run for something” movement started with Donald’s election and we saw the result of that for the first time on Tuesday.

    I’m not worried what he’ll do to the judiciary in the next year because again, Mike Pence. Nothing will change there if Donald’s removed from office and the judiciary is already screwed for at least a generation. As long as he doesn’t start anything in Iran or North Korea, it might almost be worth hanging on to 2018 to see what can happen in other states that could potentially swing left, as well as what could happen with congress.

  2. says

    I just want him to take a permanent golf vacation. With no power. To someone like Trump, disempowerment is the same as death. To Bakker, too. That should tell you everything you need to know.

  3. says


    That should tell you everything you need to know.

    Oh, it does. ‘Power hungry’ doesn’t even come close to the lust and craving for power these people have.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    I should get a Douay-Rheims.
    We sometimes used it when I was a kid but I haven’t read it for decades.
    ( for some reason, I have always thought it was “Channeller” )

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