Life of A Christian Soul.

I’m afraid the plot is boring. Very boring. These are basically the very old precursors to Chick Tracts, albeit, without the manic melodrama of Jack.

Representation of the inner state of a man, who is a servant of Sin, and suffers the devil to reign within him.

The Peacock represents Pride. The Goat, Unchastity. The Hog represents Voracity and Gluttony. The Toad, Avarice. The Snake, Envy. The Tiger, Anger. The Tortoise, Indolence.

I have a turtle tattoo on my wrist. I guess that means I’m a hopeless slave to the sin of indolence? A lover of laziness? Yeah, okay. Several panels later, we come to:


Representation of a person’s inward State who being reconciled with God, will know nothing more than the crucified Jesus.

That certainly goes a long way in explaining the willful ignorance of christians.

Via The Public Domain.


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    Yes, mine moves all the time. So do real ones. Just because they move slowly, doesn’t mean they are indolent. I’m quite indignant on the part of turtles and tortoises.

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