1. says

    I really love this series. One can almost sense the fairy-tale kobolds lurking in the undergrowth and mining in the holes and crevices for gems and gold.

  2. rq says

    So much magic in this forest, encapsulated so well in these small glimpses. Thank you, Giliell!

  3. says

    Really? I did not know those woods contained such aesthetically appealing retreats. I never had the opportunity to wander around when I was there.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    Romantic pictures.

    One detail I love is the little ferns growing in the cracks. Are they common polypodies (German: Gewöhnlicher Tüpfelfarn o(de)r Engelsüß, kallioimarre in Finnish)?

  5. says

    @Ice Swimmer, I do not think it is Polypodium vulgare. Making exact identification on picture is not possible for me, but if you look closer, the leaves have two levels of pinnation not only one. So I think it is maybe Dryopteris filix-mas.

  6. says

    It’S the Palatinate Woods.
    They’re not widely marketed*. Heavens know why, it’S such a poor region, some tourism money could do them good.

    *It used to be a poor people’s holiday region. At least my mother spend there all the holidays the family could scrape together when she was a child. She is no longer enthusiastic for all the nice rocks while for me it’s some nice childhood memories.

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