1. rq says

    A BEE!!!
    Lovely shots, Charly, the crocuses are so happy and you’ve caught the wagtails just right.

    I got some nice garden shots and shoots today, too. No wagtails here yet, but I expect them soon. The magpies are nesting and stealing the dog’s food, and last weekend the sky was noisy with geese, cranes and ducks 24/7.

  2. says

    The wagtail was kind enough to pause for a pose a few times, eyeing me suspiciously as I was working near his nesting spot from last year. I would love them to nest in the prepared nesting box, but they probably will not do so and will go somewhere else this year, because I will dissasemble that wood pile.

    I too love to observe the progress of spring acros the Europe. And I am rather envious of the slightly warmer climate south of here.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Yes, the bee! Beautiful.

    Here, kids are taught:

    “Kuu kiurusta kesään,
    puoli kuuta peipposesta,
    västäräkistä vähäsen,
    pääskysestä ei päivääkään.”

    In English:
    “A skylark a month to summer,
    half a month a finch,
    wagtail a bit,
    a swallow not a day to summer.”

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