Dudebro Is As Dudebro Does.

Via Twitter.

Via Twitter.

A wall street dudebro was caught on camera, humping the little girl statue facing down the wall street bull. Real nice, dude, getting happily rapey on a statue. I definitely don’t want to know what this asshole does with people. As The Mary Sue notes, the little girl statue was not universally liked by any means, but it seems dudebro was sufficiently threatened by an infantilized representation of women that it was necessary to do a hump grind.

…And yet, thanks to this Wall Street jerk, I find myself reevaluating the statue. Clearly, his masculinity was so threatened by the presence of this corporate-sponsored, deliberately infantilized depiction of female autonomy that he had to immediately establish disgusting dominance over it. Is this actually making Wall Street bros uncomfortable? Does it frighten them with a suggestion that women will one day overwhelm and unseat them from their positions of power? I mean, I can get behind that sort of thing!

More seriously, though, this statue and incident illustrate two equally essential requirements: we must demand and expect better from our feminism, while also anticipating and preparing for the worst from our patriarchal world.

The Mary Sue has the full story.


  1. quotetheunquote says

    From the people who brought you the 2008 recession. Ah, corporate leadership, there nothing like it…

  2. Saad says

    I think that image sums up men pretty nicely.

    I know what he’s doing. He’s doing something he feels he has to do to continue to be considered a man. He has seen a girl being depicted in a role that he thinks is exclusively and naturally reserved for men. He has to negate and challenge it. And the best way for him to oppose women is through acts of sexual violence. That’s the way to defeat women and restore the natural order of things. For him, a man who coexists with a woman asserting confidence and strength independent of (or even against) men is somehow not a man, and that is the worst possible thing.

    I’m so glad I’ve never felt any strong attachment to masculinity.

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