Steve Warburton.


Steve Warburton is an artist in Australia, with a very interesting perspective. The work is evocative, and I find many of the pieces to be of an expansive nature – for me, they are pieces to ponder, not just savour, and allow all the different layers of associations to come up. There’s a distinct sense of dystopia in many of the pieces, but they are all the more beautiful in their poignancy, and the hope that we do not follow such paths to their inescapable conclusions. Definitely worth spending some time, going through the galleries!

I didn’t include much here, because the galleries are set up for viewing, not borrowing, so have a wander, expand your mind, and let your imagination take you on a trip. Steve Warburton.


  1. rq says

    Those drawings on paper, though.
    Some of his paintings (2014-2015 series) are slightly reminiscent of Dali (the statues). As is the one with the hanging blue car (2007). There’s a story behind these paintings, that’s for sure.

  2. says

    Yes, they are heavily storied, and I like that. I’d be interested in the artist’s stories, but I also enjoy making up my own.

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