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    You’re missing an ‘n’ from “planner”, which made my brain do some interesting things as it come up with wildly wrong mental images involving electric power tools.

    I love “death before decaf”!

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    You’re missing an ‘n’ from “planner”

    I’ve probably infected Caine with German, where Planer is written with one N


    The flowered skull is my favourite.

    I love the Mexican tradition of the Día de Muertos. I’m normally not a “skulls” type, but I make an exception for calaveras.

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    You’re missing an ‘n’ from “planner”

    No, I’m not. That’s how it’s spelled in German. You can see it in the photo of the plain planer. :D

  4. blf says

    Electric power tool diaries, that sounds like something the mildly deranged penguin would propose, with moar cheese and as many n‘s as you want. Plus a banananananana dackery.

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