Trump, Twitter, and Nuclear Weapons.

Trump, and his buddy Putin, are now happily chattering about nuclear weapons. The consensus? We need more of them! Oh good, we’re all gonna die.

The timing of Trump’s tweet is interesting because it came after Russia said this week that it was looking to strengthen its own nuclear capabilities to be able to penetrate missile defense shields.

Via Raw Story.


  1. johnson catman says

    Of course we (the world in general) need more nukes because the ones we have can destroy us only a few times over already.

  2. says

    And, I guess it just wasn’t enough for some of us to have already lived with the threat of nuclear war hanging over our heads, no, we get to do it again.

    I’m just wondering when the U.S.-Russia merger is going to take place.

  3. johnson catman says

    The conservatives/theocrats/republicans/fraidy-cat warmongers will not be satisfied until they prove that their god is going to burn us all for our sins.

    You and I are of a similar age, so I to have seen us (as in the world) come close to exterminating ourselves. Good thing I have played a lot of Fallout so I know how to survive. (/s)

  4. says


    The fact that the States could end the world as is several times over isn’t “enough”?

    Apparently not. Best guess would be they now need to be yuuuuuuuuuuuuge.

  5. says

    But think of it from the perspective of the electrician who actually wired up the Nuclear Button! There’s no way they can actually test it properly, for various reasons. You can just leave it disconnected (or, if it is a push-to-break switch, screw both wires into the same terminal, European-style) and nobody will ever find out — unless someone actually presses it.

    If the Enemy fired first, you’re dead anyway, whether or not your bomb goes off. If your side fired first, though, and you deliberately sabotaged the firing mechanism, then you just saved the world from nuclear annihilation! A humble sparky could probably dine out for a long time on averting a global catastrophe …..

    Disobeying a direct order that results in the failure of a nuclear strike would seem to be the more sensible course of action (minimal probability of a bollocking, and slight glimmer of probability of reward beyond dreams). In the worst case, you would be welcome in the territory at which the missiles you sabotaged were aimed …..

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