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    I always liked George Carlin’s bit on religion in which he explains why worshipping the sun makes sense. After all, it’s, you know, there. And aside from the occasional skin cancer it gives us everything we need. (But pray to Joe Pesci)

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Hyperborea hails the Unconquered Sun! My gratitude for the light, direct and reflected.

    All three photos are beautiful, the shadow of the needles, the light bursting through the trees and the snow and the winged seeds(?).

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    Ice Swimmer:

    Thank you!

    the winged seeds(?).

    Those are Box Elder Maple seeds, but not many make it to the ground, the squirrels eat them. This tree was an orphan that had been severely pruned when it was basically not much more than a living stick. We adopted it for a memoriam for Sullivan Jones, my Siamese cat who died at 5 years old, and also for Barnaby Jones, another cat who died unexpectedly not long after. This was when we first brought it home:

    It’s now large and flourishing, and very beautiful. About orphan trees, the nurseries here often take in “orphans”, trees uprooted by storms, trees being cleared off land (and would usually be chopped up), neglected trees on abandoned property, and trees which have been wrongly and disastrously pruned at some point.These trees are sold for next to no money just to get them to a good, caring home.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    A significant tree of memories.

    The fruit/winged seed/samara looked a bit like the ones we have on the Norway maples indigenous on these shores. They ones here are sometimes called noses as they are sticky when green and kids sometimes split them and take the kernel off and stick the “wing” on the tip of their nose.

  5. rq says

    Just think, the solstice is nearly upon us, and the world can begin again!
    These are lovely, so warm.

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