Oh, the irony.

Glenn Beck at FreePAC (Photo: Screen capture).

Glenn Beck at FreePAC (Photo: Screen capture).

Glen Beck is now going on and on and on about how wonderful the Obamas are, just great people, a great president, great, I tell ya! Oh, and Pres. Obama made me a better man! I thought that was supposed to be god’s work. Glenn also stated that he’s now a supporter of Black Lives Matter. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d look askance at Glenn wanting to be an ally. I’m just going to post this one quote, you can go read all the rest.

“We’ve made everything into a game show,” he said, “and now we’re reaping the consequences of it.”

You don’t say, Mr. Glenn jazz hands and tears Beck. I didn’t make everything into a game show, and I didn’t watch any of it either. When it comes to blame in that regard, perhaps you’ve heard of these items called mirrors, Mr. Beck. Time for a long, deep look. I expect that if Mr. Beck gets the opportunity to jump right back into the game show game, he’ll take it, with bells on. Who knows what he’ll say then. Quite the irony overdose for a morning, especially one which requires voting.

Full glurge is here.


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