Sunday Facepalm.

The facepalm is not the billboard, that’s all too standard fare. The facepalm is here:

We found out that no public money was used for that religious message. The money came from a local business owner, who’s now taking the billboard down.

She said even though she had permission from the mayor to use his name, she felt pressure from the city manager.

“I got a call from the city manager that said he had some calls and there were some issues with some people. They didn’t want it up, and something called separation of church and state,” said business owner Victoria Hightower.

Emphasis mine. “Something called separation of church and state.” Given the near constant moaning of religious conservatives over their rights, is it really too much to expect Americans to be aware of the separation of church and state? Plenty of them are aware enough of it to twist about all over the place. This level of ignorance is…well, deplorable.


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