Chinese artist Wenyi wanders the streets of his home in Dali, Yunnan Province, China, gathering bits of discarded cardboard to use as his canvas. Wenyi then takes the bits of trash he finds and draws the surroundings on each object. The small pieces range from quick black and white sketches to colorful drawings of entire homes, each a snapshot of his hometown. After sketching the scenery Wenyi places his completed works back into their original locations, imbuing the everyday refuse with art. “I want people to see art in our everyday life,” said Wenyi to Bored Panda, “even if it’s on wasted paper.”

What could I possibly say? This is beautiful, inspired work, which I am sure has large ripples which affect people in a very good way. Via Colossal Art.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    A nifty idea. The artist must have ‘a quick pen’. Wonderful pieces.

    The black-and-white line drawing looked like a densely written musical notation. Of course it it wasn’t, but the hills on the horizon one could make up an arpeggio, played legato (playing a chord as single notes in sequence, slurred). As visual art, it’s stylish and “airy”, fresh and crispy.

    Different styles, the second is cartoon/comic style and the third impressionistic.

  2. rq says

    I would love to randomly stumble across art like this; I’d probably take it home with me. And I would 99% smile for at least the next two hours, probably. Maybe more.

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