A Classic Coulter Meltdown.

Image: Ann Coulter speaks to Fox News (Screen capture).

Image: Ann Coulter speaks to Fox News (Screen capture).

While demographic trends have shown that people of color are increasingly opposed to the predominantly white party and are growing in number, Coulter pins the GOP’s downfall not on Donald Trump but on Clinton’s “illegal” voters.

“If Hillary wins … she has said, Tim Kaine has said, amnesty for all illegal immigrants,” Coulter continued. “We know that’s 30, 40 million. She’s going to throw open the southern border. She’s going to more than quadruple the number of Muslim refugees we bring in.”

The ultimate result will be: “There will be no hope for any Republican ever winning another election,” she concluded. “There’s no point to what I do, what talk radio hosts do, what Fox News does,” she said. “Nobody goes to the game when you can’t win.”

Oooh, now that’s what I call a result! Of course it won’t happen, but we sure as hell can hope. The world would be so much better with such absences. Back to reality, there will never be a lack of things for the alt right to be hysterical over, because frothing and freaking out is the only thing they know to do. Well, that and whine about being persecuted.

Coulter seemed to be giving up on her crusade against the mainstream media. “I’ve been recommending that since the Mexico debate in his speech to get fair coverage. But I’m not sure it’s worth it,” Coulter said. “Because look, if he loses, Hillary has edge.”

That doesn’t mean Coulter wouldn’t take a job if Trump offered her a show on TrumpTV. “I would love to go into business with him,” she said.

She also noted that some have said that Trump has softened his immigration approach but they’re wrong. “If there’s one thing we’re going to get out of a Trump presidency, it’s a wall,” she said.

TrumpTV. Right, well that’s Fox 2.0 on steroids, ennit? Oh, that fucking wall. Why on earth are idiots everywhere enamored with this monumentally stupid idea? Absurdly, this whole wall thing, from the beginning, has brought that awful movie Pacific Rim to mind. Now, that flick was fun in the popcorn sense, but I about lost it when it spent all this time on people building this monumentally stupid wall, against massive, super-powerful critters, who of course, wiped out years of time and money wasted in no time at all. As soon as they showed people building that wall, I yelled “what the fuck are doing that for?” Anyone with sense could have said “that won’t work”. Well, this monumentally stupid wall won’t work either.

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    If the US built a wall, DHS would guard it. Cue thigh-slapping and giggling.

    Whenever I see something by Coulter, I have to go review Henry Rollins’ “letter to Anne Coulter” (which is really not very good, but neither is Coulter)

  2. says


    I’m glad I saw the good one…

    Rick shares your opinion, and that’s all good. I thought it was silly as all hells. Fun, but silly.

  3. blf says

    Has Coulter breached the surface yet in China, or is she still melting “down” to there?

    (Yes, yes, I know China isn’t the probable antipode…)


    More seriously, Donald Trump, a ‘Rigged’ Election and the Politics of Race (the title in today’s dead-tree edition of the International New York Times was perhaps better, something like “Trump’s ‘Rigged’ Election Claims Worries Both Parties About Long-term Damage”):

    Mr Trump’s language has moved beyond his party’s call for rigid [voter] identification requirements and the unfounded claims that polls are “skewed” to predictions of outright theft of the November election. And his warnings have been cast in increasingly urgent and racially suggestive language, hinting that the only legitimate outcome in certain states would be his victory.
    Last week, Mr Trump hired as his campaign chief Stephen K. Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart, a conservative news website that has frequently given voice to Mr Trump’s claims of a manipulated process, holding forth on perceived voter fraud and “propaganda polls” showing Mrs Clinton ahead.

    And on Friday, Mr Trump released his first campaign ad, focused on immigration, featuring an image of a polling site with the word rigged flashing onscreen less than two seconds after the spot begins.

    Election law officials have expressed concern that Mr Trump’s incendiary words will create a self-fulfilling prophecy, all but ensuring claims of fraud from his poll watchers and a delegitimization of the election results should Mrs Clinton win.

    “It went from being laughable to be what I consider to be dangerous,” said Richard L. Hasen, a professor and election law expert at the University of California, Irvine, School of Law.

    Mr Hasen said that while it initially seemed Mr Trump was merely seeking an early scapegoat for a possible loss, his language had taken a darker turn. A Pew Research Center survey released last week showed that 51 percent of Mr Trump’s supporters have little or no confidence in the accuracy of the vote count nationally, a drastic change from supporters of the Republican nominees in 2004 and 2008.
    After years of conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birthplace — propagated by Mr Trump, among others who have sought to delegitimize the president’s rise to power — Democrats fear that the voting claims could resonate among opponents of Mrs Clinton long after Election Day, should she win.
    The Trump campaign recently started a website urging people to sign up as election watchers. All campaigns bring on poll watchers, but they are required to go through extensive training about what crosses the line into intimidation.

    The Republican National Committee has been operating under a consent decree for more than three decades, after claims that members of the committee intimidated minority voters at the polls in the 1970s and 1980s. Mr Trump’s campaign, according to committee officials, is not bound by that document, despite the intermingling of its resources with the committee’s.

    I assume teh trum-pratRepublicans’s “election watchers” will be wearing jackboots and brownshirts.

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    I’m with “awful.”
    The script was monstrous -- every junky monster movie trope badly shoehorned together, and wrapped up with an ending that screamed “FUND MY SEQUEL” louder than any of the sound effects in the show. Add to that some basic nationalistic bullshit (because: Russians are all dour an’ shit, and Chinese people are cloney teamy people and Japanese people all are born knowing martial arts) and some stupid predictable flashback bullshit and it’s not even a movie about good special effects. I had my palm over my face a lot of the show, but I didn’t miss anything worthwhile.

  5. blf says

    Related delusions, Trump manager says ‘undercover voters’ will deliver win in US election:

    Kellyanne Conway says Trump’s popularity is not reflected in his polls because of the perceived social stigma of supporting the Republican nominee
    [Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne] Conway insisted that Trump’s support was not reflected in polls because of the perceived social stigma of supporting the Republican nominee. Donald Trump performs consistently better in online polling where a human being is not talking to another human being about what he or she may do in the elections{…} it’s become socially desirable, especially if you’re a college educated person in the US, to say that you’re against Donald Trump, said Conway.

    People who are supporting Donald Trump, who have not voted Republican in the past, who have not voted in quite a while, are so tired of arguing with family and friends and colleagues about their support of Donald Trump that they just decided not to discuss it.

    As the article goes on to point out, she’s basically burbling about a Brady effect, albeit(I think, I’ve haven’t checked the actual numbers) the “swing” — that is, the number who are lying and really intend to vote for teh trum-prat — would have to be considerably greater than that which sank Tom Brady’s election. Which, in this case, would probably, mostly, be an anti-female-President vote, rather than, as in Brady’s case, an anti-black-Governor vote.

    Plus, of course, self-selection (online polls, if the quoted claims are to be believed) and what seems to be another round of the skewed polls the thugs so earnestly believed in last time.

    And after discussion some of the teh trum-prat’s very recent utterly stooopid claims (those made since Ms Conway was appointed), some snark from The Grauniad:

    [… Teh trum-prat] continued to claim that if he were elected, we’ll get rid of the crime. You’ll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. Now, you walk down the street, you get shot.

    Just as there may be a cohort of undercover Trump voters waiting to emerge in November, it seems that despite Conway’s best efforts, there is an undercover candidate who won’t let a teleprompter keep his penchant for controversial statements hidden.

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