A Fuzzy Statement.


#BLACK LIVES MATTER at the Craft and Folk Art Museum. | Photo: Courtesy Craft and Folk Art Museum.

Self described “knit graffiti collaborative” Yarn Bombing Los Angeles’ (YBLA) most recent bid to colorize and textualize our streets hangs directly to the east of the Craft & Folk Art Museum, two rows / seventeen characters worth of multi-hued text lashed to a grey metal fence and projecting north across Wilshire towards the La Brea Tar Pits.

The materials and phrase are both easily taken in in their entirety during a quick drive-by: “#BLACK LIVES” at rough eye level with “MATTERS” just below, all of it in pink, red, mustard, orange, blue and green knit (some shag carpet-like pile?) laid out on an area about the size of two tightly parked vans. The letters on Wilshire are part of Urban Letters, an ongoing project of YBLA’s where epigrammatic or gnomic texts “that might otherwise remain unsaid” are solicited online in order to be made softly manifest IRL.

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